Friday, January 14, 2011


I'm tired, I'm cranky, but thank God it's Friday and I get to see some of my fantastic family and friends tonight!

I probably got four good hours of sleep last night.  Irrational dreams and night sweats/hot flashes are a good way to ruin your beauty sleep. Let me share what I remember of my dream last night...

Steve and I were at the hospital and I was having some sort of procedure done (I'm pretty sure it was the egg retrieval).  When the doctor was performing the ultra sound she was shocked to find an embryo already growing in my uterus (as was I- really??).  Everyone was so excited and amazed at this miracle (how did this happen on birth control?) and then out of nowhere I come unglued asking if we would get our money back since we didn't actually need IVF.  Bizarre right?  You'd think after everything I've been through I would just be happy that there was an actual baby growing inside of me....but no, I was concerned with getting our money back.  Oh dreams...

As for the night sweats/hot flashes- they are tiring. I woke up and ripped the covers off at least five times last night with sweat pouring off of me only to wake up a few minutes later freezing my butt off. And during the day I have to layer my clothes because one minute I'm hot and the next I'm cold. I imagine this must be a little bit like going through menopause...?

Nevertheless, I'm counting down the hours until I see my family and friends tonight- dinner then drinks...since today is officially the last day I can drink (hopefully for a long time).  Then the real fun starts tomorrow with my first follistim shot.  Do any of my IF friends out there have any words of wisdom on this shot? From what I've read on a few posts this one's a bitch.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. Cheers to Friday babe! I know you're going through alot but you are doing it amazingly! And as always, I'm there for anything you need!

    And you didn't even wake me up last night so you must not have been tossing and turning too much! ;) (FYI for others, I'm a pretty sound sleeper)


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