Monday, January 24, 2011

Grow- grow- grow!

Has anyone seen the show Teen Mom?? These people get to have children and I have problems getting pregnant? Really? Unfair. I came across this show by accident over the weekend and I found myself sitting there screaming at the TV.  These were some of the most vile teenagers I have ever seen, wandering around without a clue or a care in the world.  And their poor babies were handed off to parents, grandparents, pretty much anyone who would have them, so these teen mom's could go out and party. Really great example to have on television.

I had another blood test and my first ultrasound this morning.  I have 12 follicles growing and 6 are over 10mm.  My E2 is at 836 and the doctor wants it to be higher so they are upping my Repronex to three vials tonight and I go back tomorrow for more blood work and another ultrasound.  So for now I'm just praying that my E2 goes up and my follicles keep growing!!



  1. Good luck! It sounds like you will ahve a lot of follies though!!! Great news!

  2. I'll be thinking of you - I can't wait for you to be PUPO soon!

  3. Grow, grow little follies! Oh, and definitely avoid "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant." Another offensive show.

  4. Sounds like they are doing great so far...I don't know exactly what the numbers mean though.

  5. Argh don't ya just hate shows like that!!

    The follies sound like they are behaving themselves :) grow grow grow!

  6. This is exciting. keep on growing!

    There is a similar show here in England and I just can't watch it. It's ridiculous. Don't understand why they run it and call it reality entertainment.


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