Monday, December 9, 2013

my bad luck weekend with a happy ending

I had a mental picture of what this past weekend would look like. 

On my list:
-  Get some errands done with Steve
-  Decorate the mantel and Christmas tree
-  Take the kids to see Santa

Seems simple enough right?  That's what I thought.  But I swear we must have had the worst luck this weekend.  And instead of the nice little picture I had painted for myself, our weekend went something like this...

Saturday- while we were out running errands, I locked the keys in the car 30 minutes away from home.  UGH.  I haven't done that since college!!  So instead of getting home to hang out with the kids and having dinner together, Steve's dad had to drive our spare keys to us while poor grandma was at home trying to feed two crazy babies by herself. 

Decorating.... Steve and I brought all the bins down from the attic so we could start putting the tree up while the kids were sleeping.  We got the tree done and I started working on the mantel.  I have a few decorations that were my moms that always make me think of her and remind me of my childhood.  They are my favorite.  One of them is a vintage Noel candle holder that looked like this-

and now it's a pile of broken glass. I accidentally knocked it off the mantel while I was decorating and watched, in what seemed like slow motion, as all of the letters shattered on the ground.  Steve heard the crash and came running, I was already in tears. I can't believe I won't have it to put up every year, so sad.

When the kids woke up they were excited to see the tree!  Emily kept saying, "mommy made a Christmas Tree!". But, there will be no ornaments this year because Gavin immediately grabbed one and nearly choked on a piece he ripped off of it.   

my heart.

Sunday-  I was at the grocery store while Steve was home with the kids.  I get a text that said- "G just split his lip a little".  What?!  So I rushed to finish shopping and came home to find G-buddy with his first facial injury, grinning at me like nothing happened with a big ol' fat lip.  Poor Gavin (and daddy)!

Last but not least, we took the kids to see Santa.  I have been reading lots of books with E and talking about how great Santa is because I didn't want a repeat of last year...with the screaming and the crying.  But with the way our weekend was going, I didn't have very high hopes.  I think I was holding my breath the entire time I was getting the kids dressed, driving to the mall, waiting in line and while they were sitting on Santa's lap because as soon as it was all over, I let out a huge sigh of relief.  We made it through seeing Santa without much crying.  Hallelujah!

Gavin and Grandpa

our big girl sat on Santa's lap without crying!
but she had to hold her spoon...

To celebrate we played on the mechanical cars at the mall and then we all went out to eat.

arm around him and everything!

he just wanted to bounce

E: "G-buddy's bouncin"
G:  "ba, ba, ba, BAA"

A great ending for a not so great start to the weekend!