Friday, April 10, 2015

it's only been 7 months.

Holy sh&t my last post was October 1st. 

I thought about jumping on and writing so many times but never actually got around to it. 

So if anyone out there is still reading- this is what has happened since October 1st. 

A ton, of course.  I'll give you the highlights.

Emily's 3rd birthday.  Oh my lord my little girl is 3 going on 30.  We did a pink and gold theme for her party and we took her to a fall festival where she got to ride a horse.  She was in heaven.  3 year old Emily is sweet, smart, cautious, and loves "mothering" Gavin (aka: telling him what to do). 

they loved the horses!

not the best family picture

Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We celebrated at home and both holidays were wonderful.  We did Elf on the Shelf for the first time (don't hate) and I freaking love those elves. Mainly because they got Emily to start potty training- I am not above bribery at all. 

Gavin's 2nd birthday.  G-buddy's birthday was a farm theme and he loved it!  Tractors, barns, and animals are his favorite. He is rowdy, wild, funny- and he loves to laugh. He is so different from his sister.  Emily is mama's girl and he is daddy's boy all the way.  He doesn't talk as much as his sister but he sure does know how to tell you what he wants.

Gavin with his Grandpas

My sister, Niki, had a baby! My newest niece, Charlotte, was born in February.  I made it to Illinois to be with my sister after delivery and it was the best time.  It's her first baby and she is a natural! 

Welcome to the world Charlie!

We went to Florida.  At the end of February we flew to Florida to visit my dad & his wife during their vacation.  We had so much fun staying on the beach and the kids never wanted to leave the pool.  While we were there we celebrated my 36th birthday (why does that sound so old??).  It was a nice break from the crazy Pennsylvania winter.

We went to Illinois/Iowa.  Last weekend we went to the Quad Cities to visit my family for Easter and to celebrate my dad's birthday.  Since the whole family was together we decided to get family pictures taken.  Such a good time!

Emily is in love with her cousin Knox

"I'm holding my cousins!!"

my wonderful family

It's been a good 7 months!