Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's Add Another Injection!

I had my estradiol levels drawn again this morning and it's at 39- I have no idea what that means but the nurse said they are looking for it to increase 2 1/2 times by Thursday (fingers crossed).

My drug regimen now includes Repronex which should be interesting because 1. we have to mix the solution ourselves (which I'm sure will be fine after some practice) and 2.  it is intramuscular (ouch). 

This is what the conversation sounded like between Steve and I...
Me: "Does this look right?"
Steve: "I think so...Wait, I don't know..."
Me: "Read the directions! Are you as nervous as I am?" 
Steve: "I'm trying to stay calm"
Me: "Where's that picture?"
Steve: "OK, are you ready? Don't look"

Let me explain this now hilarious conversation.  Repronex has to be mixed- so you draw up 1 ml of a solution and inject it into a vial of powder.  Then you draw that solution out and inject it into yet another vial of powder.  Then you draw that solution out and inject it into your hip muscle. But before you inject, you have to follow the injection instructions and hope you are doing it right.  I'm pretty sure we did- we're good at following directions.

this is the Repronex- yes, that's a big needle

So tonight and tomorrow I get injected with:
5 units of Luprolide
150 units of Follistim
2 vials of Repronex
and then another blood test on Thursday.

The nurse told me that normally women are on the Luprolide for 12 days before the trigger shot and egg retrieval which would put us at around the 27th or 28th for the egg retrieval. I can't wait!



  1. Good luck with that giant needle. I've only dealt with Gonal F pens and trigger shots so far, myself. But it always makes me feel better to have my hubby do it so I can turn my head!

  2. I have always had my hubby do my IM shots and tonight I had to do it myself!! It actually went well though, but I still prefer him to do it :0
    Just throw it fast and rub when you are done. Good luck!

  3. Oh that's so exciting! It's a big needle but it will only be sore for such a short time in the grand scheme of things. :) best wishes, hoping all your numbers go in the right directions! :)

  4. We had to mix the Menopur and were freaking out. You should check out Freedom Fertility's website because they have free videos to watch, we watched them like 20x each before each new shot. Good luck!!!

  5. the PIO (after transfer) is also an IM shot, and i had to have my aunt give it to me one time, and she almost passed out and could not believe that that needle was going all the way into my backside! HA! hang in there, you're doing great!

  6. Looking foward to following your journey, and I wish you all the best! I'm hoping to learn a lot to prepare me for my 1st IVF cycle in April. Although seeing the picture of this needle makes me a bit dizzy and weak!!

  7. Thanks ladies! My hip is a little sore today and I have been feeling a little dizzy but other than that- shot #1 of Repronex was a success.

  8. Oh my! I wasn't ready to see this at all. Although I can't wait to start, those shots will be the worst part.

    You are doing great, good luck with the rest.

  9. I laughed out loud reading that imagining my husband and I trying to inject me. It would be a lot of, "Are we doing this right?? Are you sure about this??"

    Glad it's going well!


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