Thursday, February 24, 2011


I feel like I am forever waiting since I got my BFP and I am wondering if this is how I will feel my whole pregnancy.  My first ultrasound is 6 days away and that seems like a lifetime. 

I haven't had a lot of symptoms, which makes me nervous, but I do get hungry more often and have been feeling a bit nauseous in the morning.  Other than that, I feel like myself.

Steve and I have been talking about how we can make our house work with a baby (or two).  We have a tiny small, two bedroom, one bathroom (with a shower- no tub) house.  It's cramped with just our stuff and I've seen how baby things can take over a house- so where is it all going to go?

These are the thoughts that occupy my mind while I wait.  I made a "to-do" list for the house,  I'm planning how I can rearrange furniture, what paint colors I want to use, etc., etc.

We are also trying to decide what OB to use after we are released from our RE's care.  This has proven to be a very difficult decision since we had such a terrible experience with our last OB (3 surgeries, 2 blood transfusions, and all around cluster f#ck). I will save that trip down memory lane for another post.


  1. I can't believe they make you wait this long for an ultrasound! Fingers crossed for time to pass faster so the big day can get here!

  2. We are all waiting with you! Glad you're feeling well, although I know what you mean, you would rather be hugging the toilet for reassurance. But you're still might regret this in a few weeks ;)

  3. I guess there's a new kind of waiting that goes with pregnancy! Days can pass by so slow sometimes.. or so it feels.

  4. I hope time flies by towards your US! Our apartment is getting pretty cramped. I was just telling DH last night we are going to have to purge a lot of stuff!!

  5. I can't imagine waiting this are stronger than me! I probably would have faked an emergency by now.

  6. I am so excited for you Bridget & Steve! I hope you share pics of your ultra sound with us! I've been praying that your journey thru your pregnancy goes smoothly and that you have a healthy beautiful baby or babies!

    In a small house (like ours) it's all about storage, storage, and more storage! I love furnature that hides all the toys. For the whole shower no tub thing...when they get older...I have seen blow up tubs that can fit in your shower. Which it pretty cool! I just don't know how big they are. Oh and soon you'll be looking for cribs...I love the cribs JC Penny has. That's where I got Evan's. His is 'Grayson' and it's a 4 in 1 convertable bed.

    This is going to be a fun time!!! I'm soo excited for you guys!!
    Love you!

  7. I love your posts! I look forward to them!!! Thank you for the encouragement! Today is a much better day. So we're in a wait together! Hope yours goes very, very quickly! Can't wait to hear of how it goes!!!

  8. I can hardly wait to hear everything too... It feels like I am close behind you. I started my Bravelle injections on tuesday. I agree that the "waiting" part seems to take forever.
    How did you get such an adorable picture for your header??
    Thank you for all your kind comments on my blog too!!

  9. The waiting just seems endless doesn't it!Hope you have some good distractions to get you through the next 6 days-organising the house sounds like a good one. We're in a tiny house too so that will be an interesting shuffle around when the time comes! Good luck with the plans and best of luck for your ultrasound!

  10. here's hoping the 6 days go by in a flash! keep doing what you are doing and planning for all of the positive changes you will get to make soon! spend a little time with HGtv- maybe they have some space saving ideas!

    you are doing it, just hang in there! you have made it so so far already- this is mere seconds compared to what you have already conquered!

  11. Always a wait! I'm excited for you. I am sure you will come up with some creative ways to maximize space in the coming weeks. Thanks for being such a faithful commenter and support to so many of us!

  12. LOVE the pic of the onesie!!! IF sure is a loooong journey and patience is one thing that is so difficult to have. Praying for your journey!



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