Thursday, December 1, 2011


It's that time of week...TVT!

*  Ok ladies- I am in need of recommendations for baby carriers. We have tried the baby bjorn- she doesn't like it and it's really hard to get on! Moby- I've tried it a few times and she squirms like she doesn't have enough room and ends up crying like she's in pain. Are there any other good carriers out there that you would recommend?

*  Emily has gotten back to regular naps and sleeping periods at night.  It seems like any time we take her out of the house to run errands or appointments she gets thrown off track and wants to stay awake for long periods of time.  I think the excitement of Thanksgiving may have been part of the reason she didn't want to sleep.

*  Still haven't started packing.....18 days until the big move!  We have so much to get done in such a short amount of time, I'm trying not to panic. 

*  We had Emily's baptism last Sunday and it went really well.  She looked so cute in her little gown and slept through most of it.  Our families were there and it was great to see everyone!

*  The past two nights we have given Emily a bottle of sensitive stomach formula instead of breast milk and she slept much longer and didn't cry!  I'm trying to decide if I should switch to formula full time or just at night.  She really loves nursing for comfort and I don't think I'm ready to give that up.


  1. I don't know from experience but I hear the Ergo baby carriers work well. Probably similar to the baby bjorn, but better maybe?

  2. 18 days until your move! Holy cow that's coming up fast! We just order an Ergo. I've heard good things about it!

    Also, If I were you, I'd keep bf (even part time)until 12 weeks (when the colic phase should end) just to have it in your arsenal of ways to soothe her!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've written two posts on babywearing but the lowdown is... get the beco gemini - i tried the ergo and i prefer the gemini but i'm sure the ergo is nice too but the gemini has no inner pannel. I also loved my sleepy wrap but now that the girls are bigger i find it hard on my back. You can wear the gemini on the front, the back and on your hip. you can also cross the straps.

  4. I went through the SAME thing with breastfeeding as you know...Aiden is doing SO well now with formula, but I MISS breastfeeding SO bad! If you can find a way to do both, maybe only bottles before bedtime and at night, that might be a good way to balance both. Also, make sure you pump when she takes a bottle because I started losing milk supply because of not pumping at night. I wanted my sleep instead and I stopped producing so much. I don't have any other baby carrier advice for you, Emily probably doesn't like being "tight" like the Moby wrap has her. Maybe Ergo carrier would be better but those are expensive as a heads up.

  5. The Ergo is a really good carrier and can be used till they are toddlers. It's really comfortable for them. Also they should be facing you and not outwards, it can overstimulate them. Obviously I haven't tried it yet but I have lots of friends who use it :)

  6. no panicking . . . I will send the magic packing fairy right over :)

  7. 18 days...plenty of time to call movers! good luck.

    I have the Baby Bjorn and he seems to like it although we've only used it once. I also have a sling thing that I haven't tried yet but came highly recommended.

  8. A friend of mine had a terrible time with her son sleeping, and reflux issues, etc. She did eventually give up breastfeeding. I'm sure it's not an easy decision to make. They did have a lot of luck putting their son to bed in a swing that tilted him more vertically, and swung him sort of side to side instead of front back, if that makes any sense. I'm sure you will figure out what works eventually. Hope it keeps getting easier.

  9. YAY for a sleeping baby! You must feel so relieved...

    And I know what you mean about nursing, it was not easy to give up, even after a year, and even though I have my daughter now, I still miss that time of bonding with my son.

  10. Oh, also, I forgot to chime in on the baby carriers. I have an ergo and love it, though it was expensive. If you check religiously, you might catch them on sale there, or you could buy a used one on craigslist, to cut down on the price. The only thing I don't like is that it can't face out once baby gets older, but otherwise it's pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. I have a friend who loves the Beco (more than the Ergo...I never tried it) and I've heard Baby Hawk is good too. They're all so pricey though!

  11. I cannot imagine trying to move right now! WOW...I am sending packing fairies your way as well :) I don't have any advice on the baby carriers as I am trying to figure that out too but I totally agree with Thanksgiving and appointments throwing you of schedule....I think any time I take her somewhere it gets up us messed up!

  12. Ergo Sport was for us! My daughter, like every other baby on the planet, wanted to be held all the time so the carrier gave me best of both worlds- "holding" her and ability to do things, like dishes. Purchased at around 2 months and at 14 months and counting still use it almost daily! Facing out, even older babies, is not ergonomically wise. It puts strain on their hips. not to mention extremely over stimulating which means extra fussy baby and usually one that does not sleep well.

    I tried a Beco Butterfly II but hated the confining feelings it gave, as did my daughter. She also didn't like the Moby Wrap as an newborn. The Sport is wonderful since it has less fabric and lovely padding on shoulder straps.

    As for breastfeeding, if you want to keep at it, I would highly encourage you to look at what you are eating and how that may be effecting tummy problems with your baby. I had to eliminate wheat, garlic, peanut butter, excess dairy, and spicy foods for the first 6 months then she seemed to grow out of it though now at 14 months she does have a dairy sensitivity... Also, look at adding probiotics for both of you to help. Worked WONDERS for my daughter and I! We are hitting 14 months tomorrow and still breastfeeding strong and am loving it! The bond is amazing... I would encourage you to keep at it!

    Wishing you all the best on your BIG move!


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