Thursday, January 5, 2012


I didn't even realize it was Thursday until I saw Oak's post....time flies, right? Let's get started.

~  Try not to judge us, but Emily has been sleeping in her swing since....well, pretty much since week 3 when the colic and reflux started.  I know, I am a terrible parent. But seriously, we needed sleep and it was the only place she would sleep. Yesterday I was looking at the Baby Sleep Site (they have some really great tips) and realized that I should probably start breaking her of this habit.  So I tried to put her down for her afternoon nap in her bassinet.  Crying (hysterical crying) ensued and I caved and got her out and put her in her swing. Fail.  I kept reading and decided to try again when Steve got home.  She cried for maybe 5 minutes and then just passed right out!  Success! Then we got really brave and decided to put her down for the night at 7:00 in her bassinet- she totally slept- until 3:00am and then ate and went back to sleep until 7:55 this morning!!  Fingers crossed, we may have broken her habit of the swing!

~  So remember my post from Monday? Well, that hasn't been going so well.  Food and water wise, I am kicking ass.  Exercise wise I am sucking big time.  I haven't done one lick of physical activity besides playing on the floor with Em and running back and forth around the house.  Oh well.  There is always the rest of the week.....(who am I kidding?) I have been using to track my calories and such.  I can do it online and on my phone so that has helped a lot.

~  Pumping is still happening, I got about 3.5 oz yesterday.  I'm not sure if it will ever get back to where it was or how long I should give it, but I'll keep pumping away.

~  I freaked myself out by googling "my baby will only turn her head to the left".  Turns out something called torticollis is pretty common in babies and looks and sounds just like Emily.  We are taking her to a chiropractor tonight and hopefully with that and PT she will be good as new in no time. 

~  Tomorrow night we are having dinner with a couple that Steve has been friends with for a long time (I've met them once or twice) and I'm excited to get out of the house! 

~  It has been hard for me to get used to Eastern time/ PA television programming/ the local news people.  Let me explain.  It's dark at 7am when I'm watching the Today Show, in IL the sun is up at this time.  Prime time TV starts at 8pm here, in IL it starts at 7pm.  Wheel of Fortune is on at 7:30pm here, in IL I think it's on at 5:30 or 6:00. Also, the Ellen show is on in the morning and Hoda and Kathy Lee are on in the afternoon- it's the complete opposite in IL (not that I watch any of that garbage....).  The local TV news anchor is so spray tanned he looks orange, this is just weird. 

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Ah!!! The whole programming switch messes with my world and I don't think I could handle that. I like my Wheel at 6:30 and primetime at 7. Bed time is at 8!

  2. Losing weight is 80% the food, 20% the working out so if you have the food under control you are well on your way :) I hope you have broken the swing habit (that sounds funny...) and it is a good visit to the chiro....

  3. Here's to hoping you broke the sleeping in the swing habit! I've heard it can take a baby 2-4 days to switch up their routine. The programming times are bizarre! That would mess me up too!

  4. Let us know how Em's visit to the chiropracter goes. When my bro in law adjusted Aiden over Christmas, he was finally able to turn his head both ways. His poor back and neck were so out of whack! Hope that helps Emily.

    Also, great job breaking her of the swing. Aiden was napping in his crib, but about 2 weeks before Christmas, DH started putting him in his swing for naps to see if we could get longer than 30 minutes. We do get more occasionally which is nice. Aiden still sleeps in his crib at night which is wonderful. It's amazing all the tricks we try to use to get our babies to sleep :-)

    Hang in there on the weight loss and exercise. I wish you lived in Wyoming because you could come to my boot camp class with me and I wouldn't be the only mom with a baby. Emily and Aiden could entertain each other! You will find a way to get in the exercise, it just takes some time.

  5. You're crazy!!(terrible parent psssh). In those first few months it's survival mode! You need to do whatever you can to get sleep. From what I've read they start to form habits once they hit 12 weeks so it's great that you are already working on getting her in the bassinet! It took me about a month or so to get Logan in his crib (from co-sleeping). I "failed" many times, but kept at it. So great that she didn't give you too much of a hard time about it! What a well-behaved baby ;)

    Did you hear back from the LC? Pumping is a lot of work! I hope she gets back to you so you can get some feedback! Actually.. maybe I'll email my LC and ask her what she thinks?

  6. Courntey- no, haven't heard back from a LC- annoys me but whatever. I'm emailing you now!

  7. I completely get the different time zone thing. I lived in DC and now in KY. They are the same time zone, but it got so dark in DC so early!
    I wish they would start shows earlier, it makes things like the super bowl and other prime time shows soo late.
    Thank God for DVRs.
    Also, no judging on the swing, you do what you have to do!

  8. The swing is not bad! Whatever it takes. Its survival. I just ate a Klondike bar for lunch.

    I think u will get your milk back. I have mine back after trying really hard to make it go away. I pumped every 3 hrs(not at night...I needed sleep) and my boobs are now ginormous and filled up. The LC sounds scary. Like a bfing cult. Maybe you don't know the password!

    Lastly, I love getting out of the house so much that I make fake lists of things we need at target and bolt there when my husband gets home. Enjoy your evening!

  9. I've been on Mountain time for 3.5 years now, and I still haven't figured it out. Sometimes we follow central time and sometimes pacific times for shows. I really have to want to watch something to remember to catch it on time because some channels prime time starts at 6 PM!

  10. It was hard when I lived in Eastern time zone too! I had to stay up sooo late to catch my shows!

    Maggie still sleeps in her Rock n Play sometimes which might as well be a swing, so no worries!

  11. We have Wheel at 7 here in NY and primetime at 8. The whole switch of ellen and hoda and kathy would totally mess me up! Here we have ellen at 4 and hoda/kathy at 10am! I wouldnt driveyourself nuts trying to get her to not sleep in the swing all the time. You guys need your sleep too and it will all work itself out in time :)

  12. I'm on the other extreme, on Pacific time. But then, I don't watch TV :)

    I'm glad you got Emily out of that swing. Hopefully she'll be fine after her visit to the chiropractor.

  13. I don't think the swing is a bad thing. Whatever you need to do to make sure you are rested and in a good way to take care of Emily is a good thing. Hoping weaning her off is easy though. Hope the chiropractor can help!

  14. I have a friend who had to rely heavily on the swing for the first several months of her sons life. I think they can be life savers, so I wouldn't be too hard on your self if it takes time to break the habit!

    Good luck adjusting to your new time zone.

  15. I'm gong to have to check out that website. Reagan still sleeps in the rock and play thing. I guess I'm kind of waiting for her to go to daycare where they will break her of that habit and I don't have to. (Hopefully??) Best of luck on the milk supply and welcome to the eastern time zone, where tv is messed up! You'll get used to it eventually, I'm sure.

  16. We take all naps in the swing... baby seems happy... and at night (even worse) he sleeps Oh, we're going to be in for some hard habits to break!!! That tv schedule would totally mess me up too... I know what time it is by those same shows (not that I'm watching either, lol). Hope you had a fun dinner!

  17. Wow that sounds like some serious sleeping success. Woohoo!


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