Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little bit of this....A little bit of that

Don't worry, I didn't forget about my Monday weigh in.  I don't have much to report because... my first week didn't go as great as I had planned but I'm not too upset about it.  It's harder than I thought it would be to get back into exercising with an 11 week old.  I did really well as far as food goes and that's a plus in my book!  I'm the same weight as last week and honestly, I'm more worried about relactation and physical therapy than weight loss right now.

Here's an update on life...

Relactation:  Pumping every three hours is hard work.

I want to thank Courtney a million times for going the extra supportive mile for me and asking her LC to talk to me.  She was a huge help and I now have some new things to try and I don't feel quite so alone in all of this.

This is what I've learned:

- Getting Emily back to nursing.  Sometimes she can do it and sometimes she gets very frustrated. We had two successful sessions yesterday- in the morning she nursed for 24 minutes on each side and didn't seem to be hungry for more so I am hoping she got enough. In the afternoon she nursed for 15 minutes each side and then needed a bottle.

-  I will be trying to incorporate oatmeal and brewers yeast into my diet.  These two things are supposed to increase production.  I am also going to be taking More Milk Plus capsules.

-  I rented a hospital grade pump and I am *trying* to pump every 3 hours. I got 3 oz this morning so I am slowly but surely getting more milk.

Physical Therapy:

Emily does have torticollis, meaning the group of neck muscles on her left side are tight and/or damaged.  This causes her to only want her head turned to the left.  This can happen in utero or there can be trauma during L&D that causes this. 

Her first PT appointment was yesterday and she cried most of the time.  It hurts her to turn her head and that's what we need to do to strengthen the muscles on the right side of her neck and stretch the ones on the left.  I've been working on this at home and we are seeing a little progress.  We also have to do more tummy time and alternate how we hold her and feed her.

The torticollis has caused her to have a slight flat spot on the lower left side of her head because that is where she lays when she sleeps.  The physical therapist said we should get a referral from our doctor to have her skull evaluated to see if a helmet is necessary to prevent facial asymmetry.

I will leave you with a picture of sweet Emily cheering for the Steelers (we are so sad they lost).


  1. Although they taste horrible, I found that the liquid More Milk Plus was far more effective than the capsules, just my two cents! I'm so impressed with your efforts on relactation! Go girl!

  2. I think it's wonderful that you are able to get your supply back. I hear ya about pumping being a bit of a pain. I felt like I no sooner got done and I was doing it again. Love the tutu!

  3. oh my goodness the poor thing!

    Also, could you try to stop looking so good in your photos? Come on, you have an 11wk old! Some of us (not naming names) have 7 month olds and don't look so pulled together! ;)

  4. Understand the tortocollis, my little guy has it too. PT has been helping a lot, but he's catching on to my tricks on stretching and exercising!! He also has a really big flat spot and his rt.ear and forhead has moved forward...man, who ever thought having a baby is easy?? I'm assuming a helmet is in our future!

  5. Wow, you look great and so put together!I am back at work and don't look half as good!
    I am glad the relactation is working!
    I hope the PT gets easier, that must be hard on you to watch. It's obviously for the best, but probably still tough!

  6. Bridget! I totally admire you for the relactation! That is beyond awesome and you are doing such a great job for sweet Emily. I am sure the pumping is no fun...I hate doing it just the few times a day that I have to..so proud of you!

    Ugh on the torticollis...poor baby :( I am sure that is so hard for you and Steve as well. If she does end up needing a helmet she will be even more adorable! You can decorate it all girly...or even with some Steelers gear ;)

    By the way, how the heck did they lose to Tebow? AWFUL! Good news is they play my man Brady next week and no way will Tebow beat him :)))

  7. You look great...what's the trick for having great (or I'd settle for mediocre) hair with a newborn? Someone left an advice card for me at my baby shower to bring in milk with dark beer, bottoms up lol. Emily is adorable as always, her pics always bring an instant smile! Good work mama!

  8. So glad that progress is being made with her PT. And at 11 weeks old, I wouldn't even be thinking about your weight. Just focus on that milk production and taking care of your sweet little Emily.
    Super sorry about that Broncos game. I was certain the Steelers would win.

  9. I too want to say how great the picture is of you & your sweet girl! I had to exercise and "diet" like a mad woman to loose the weight after my daughter. It sucked but it felt great to finally be rid of it all by 6 months. Eat healthy & drink drink dink for your milk supply. That's most important.

  10. Great pic of you guys!

    Weight maintenance IS success when you have impt issues like relactation to focus on, just saying!

    Dark beer (like Guinness) is good for milk production. Also, I only g et 2-4 oz per pumping session - I think that's pretty normal, and Stella eats between 10-30 min total...sometimes just 10-15 on one side, sometimes more on both sides. It's always different. They eat/drink to thirst and stop when they've had enough! You're doing great!

  11. glad to hear you are well and can't believe we lost with such a cute little steelers fan on our side!!

  12. Oatmeal works! I started eating it every morning and noticed a difference. Chocolate helps, too, but I can't justify chocolate for breakfast. Pumping every 3 hrs is the worst, but it makes us experts in maneuvering a baby all over the place. I took my guy up and down the stairs 5 times today in a bouncy to get to my pumping station. Lastly, don't buy a pumping bra, make one out of an old sports bra. Works amazingly well.

    A helmet will make her sn even more authentic fan!

  13. Well I am glad to hear that Emily's problem has an easy solution... although all that therapy does not sound easy, but at least she does not require something major like surgery. I am glad you're still managing to breastfeed her.

  14. So glad to hear the relactation and PT are going well. I had read about the oatmeal years ago and it totally worked for my cousin when I told her to try it.


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