Thursday, November 3, 2011

TVT here we go!

I'm jumping on the Thought Vomit Thursday train! TVT is basically a bullet point post spewing out everything drifting through your head without having to think much about creating an organized post.....enjoy!

*  I don't know what I would do without my Baby ESP app on my droid.  It seriously saves my life daily (hourly).  When sleep deprived, it's hard to remember what day it is or what time Emily ate last/had her diaper changed/was bathed.....etc.  I highly recommend this app for any new parents!!  The best part is Steve can sync his app to mine so we both know what the baby is doing all day long. Love.

*  I am finally starting to feel a bit more like myself (I think it's because I showered two days in a row).  When I was pregnant, I read and heard about the 'baby blues' but I didn't realize how insane you feel after giving birth.  I had anxiety pre-baby and for a week after having Emily I wasn't exactly anxious but was definitely overwhelmed.  Everything made me cry, I felt like I had no clue what I was doing, breast feeding was hard, I was overly tired, and my body felt like it had been beaten with a baseball bat.  So feeling like myself today is a huge step forward in my book.

*  Emily is funny, already.  She makes these sly faces like she knows what's going on, especially when Steve and I are talking about her or when she knows it's time to feed.  She also has the habit of waiting to pee after her diaper is off...(insert sly baby smile) I'm convinced she totally does this on purpose. I have a feeling she's going to be a little trickster when she gets older and I love it.

*  Along with breast feeding I have also been pumping.  This is mainly because being the only person who can feed the baby was really getting to me.  I'm sure some people will judge me, and I can't worry about that. With pumping, Steve can take some of the feedings and that makes me a happier and more sane mom.

*  I am trying to decide if I should keep my blog going.  It was a wonderful way to help me cope with IF/IVF and now, I'm not sure if anyone wants to hear about our life after IF.  I have met some wonderful people here who I am sure will be lifelong friends and I am so thankful for that.  What to do?

Happy Thursday!


  1. PLEASE don't give up blogging! I know what you are saying, I sort of thought about that after I had Aiden but it has been SO nice having a place to write about struggles and feelings! Plus, the support from other moms and women has been awesome! I know several women who have started new blogs documenting their babies lives, day to day stuff, etc. Maybe that would work better for you? If you decide to ever go back through fertility treatments, you may want to blog about that again too...
    I would miss you if you decide to stop blogging but I understand if you choose to do that. :-)

  2. I think every IFer feels weird about blogging once baby arrives, but I hope you keep it up because I want to keep hearing about your life with Emily!

    You know I'm a pumper and I think some moms don't get it and think I'm crazy, but it works for us and I'm happy with the decision.

    She's beautiful - congratulations!

  3. Definitely keep your blog. I love reading your posts and would love to hear about Emily.

  4. I'm pretty sure I'll start pumping fairly early as well - just to help share the load of feeding. No judgement here! :) I hope you don't quit blogging!

  5. I think it is good that you are pumping and that Steve gets the opportunity to feed Emily as well. I plan on doing the same thing once our little girl arrives!
    I also hope you consider keeping your blog - though I understand where you are coming from and have considered the same thing, even just since getting pregnant finally. I decided that I was going to keep mine going for a couple reasons - one being that it is nice to have the outlet and two is because at some point in the not too distant future we are going to want to try for number 2 and I hope that I can still get the same support for that attempt as well.

  6. I am so glad you're feeling like yourself again (even if just for a little bit). I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be. Don't you dare quite blogging may find that you need this sounding board. Give yourself permission to take a break if you need to, but always know you can come back whenever you're up for it. :)

  7. So weird but I have a post that I started writing yesterday about my blog totally changing and feeling weird about it! I think blogs just evolve over time a's a person changes and obviously the blog changes. I think we would all dislike it if you stopped blogging :(

    No judgement here about pumping...can't wait to give B a bottle!

    And I'm so getting that app!

  8. Please don't stop blogging! I would love to keep reading about your life. Like others have said, take a break if you want but please come back.

  9. How sweet to hear about Emily as a little trickster =)
    About blogging - do as you feel. Maybe a break to start with and then I think you will know what to do. And if you would try for another baby in the future you know this community will still be right here.

  10. Showering two days in a row?! That's an accomplishment in and of itself! So is pumping! I always give credit to the Mommas who exclusively pump! Breastfeeding gets *so* much easier after 6 wks, and again at 3 months. It's hard in the beginning, but you're doing a great job!!

    Keep blogging! The people who want to read it will and the ones who don't - won't, right??

  11. I liked this whole post until the end - I would be so sad if you gave up your blog! You have such a great perspective and attitude, and you are so incredibly supportive in this community. You would be immensely missed!

    Thank you so much for your comments on my blog as well. You seriously have offered me so many moments of comfort, and I am very grateful to have been connected to you through these blogs.

  12. I say keep we know where to go to see what to expect, and not from someone who thinks it's all easy and know? I love the app, I might have to download it now so I don't forget by the time I ever get pregnant...but then is that jinxing it? EEK!

  13. so happy you are feeling more like yourself and very proud that you are sharing the feeding with steve. it is really important to make yourself a priority and it does let him be more involved.

    I say keep blogging FOR YOU. there is no doubt that keeping a record of your journey will not only help you and give you an outlet but could be a great way to share with emily some day what it was like when she arrived. there are some great sites out there that will help (for free) put your blog into a book.

    give yourself some time you will know what to do :)

  14. Emily sounds like such a darling little character already! I have a feeling my baby girl is going to be very cheeky too, just from the way she behaves in my belly-I think it's sweet!
    I have had the same thoughts about stopping blogging, but I decided I still like having it there for when I feel like posting, and at the end of the day it's your own outlet for your thoughts or feelings, and you have been such a great support to other people-you shouldn't feel funny about writing about life after IF, I love reading your posts! In saying all of that though- if you don't feel like posting anymore that's completely understandable too, as long as it's what YOU want to do-and not anyone else! xoxo

  15. Don't you love how their little personalities start to come out? I definitely don't think you should quit blogging! Those that choose not to follow you anymore, won't. Write for yourself and not for others.

  16. judge you for pumping? Really??? It's amazing someone has to even worry about that! What is wrong with bottles? I mean you are still using breast milk so....and even if you did formula, it's all about what is best for your family!

  17. Keep writing! I'm still thinking ab a name change and a new angle to make it less weird. I totally understand where you're coming from.

  18. Please keep blogging!!! You're such a beautiful woman and Mom!!! You've really helped so many of us to learn so much along the way!!

  19. First of, I am glad things are going well and you are feeling better!! The baby blues are soooooo hard!
    And don't worry about others, you are wonderful and doing what you need to fr your family and pumping isn't bad! Besdies when you go back to work she I going to need to be ok with drinking out of a bottle.
    Absolutely keep the blog going!!!!!!


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