Tuesday, November 22, 2011

True Life...

...I don't know the last time I showered.

ok, this isn't totally true, I showered yesterday...I think. 

What day is it again?

It's amazing how quickly times goes when you're home with your newborn. 

Here is a peek into our days at home: 

Wake up (if you can really call it being awake), change and feed the baby. 
Hopefully put her down to sleep again without too much crying.
Try to remember to eat something and drink some water.
Try to remember to go to the bathroom.
Try to remember to let the dog out.
Lay down and pray to God that she sleeps just a little longer.
Oh wait, I have to pump. Damn it.  Get back up, pump.
Now lay down and really pray to God that she sleeps a little longer.
Shit. She's up.
Shush her, give her a pacifier and pray she falls back to sleep.
Ok good, now lay back down for about 10 minutes.
She's up again.
Change diaper and feed her.
Repeat previous items over again.

This makes time go super fast and is somehow the most tiring thing I have ever done in my life.  Most days (ok, every day) I stay in my sweats and t-shirt and to be totally honest, I stay in the same clothes for days at a time.  Nice, I know. 

Nights are a different story altogether.

Steve gets home and takes the baby so I can somewhat relax.
Try to make dinner and eat...usually with one hand, balancing plate on lap while holding the baby.
Try to watch a show on DVR....until the nightly screaming begins.
Pause the show, take turns walking, bouncing, shushing, burping, and even attempting to reason with the baby.
When she calms down and starts to fall asleep the discussion on 'should we try to lay her down?' begins.
Start the vacuum sound track, lay baby down, hold breath and wait.
On a good night, she sleeps.

Some days I feel like I'm getting the hang of this mom thing and other (most) days I feel like I have no clue what the F I'm doing.  But I'm figuring it out (with Steve's help of course) and I'm loving every minute!

A couple of side notes/questions:

A few people have suggested taking Emily to a chiropractor who is experienced in treating babies with colic.  Have any of you tried this? Thoughts?

Probiotics- I want to start taking them, will any brand work? 

Moby wrap- this thing confuses and scares me, any tips on this contraption?


  1. I used to mark the days I showered on the calendar to remember haha!

    It does get easier and things will get much smoother! I swear. Once she hits three months it'll be like having a brand new baby! Just...8 more weeks :)

  2. watch the video on the moby wrap! It scared me as well!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And congrats on your miracle baby girl! :)

  4. I'll bet you are doing great! It sounds exhausting, but it also sounds like you're really getting the hang of things. Keep up the good work and know that this too shall pass.

  5. Tons and tons of videos on the moby on youtube. I'm a little obsessed with it even though I dont have anything to put in one. I think you can even brestfeed in it somehow. Since she doesn't like to be put down, it sounds like a perfect way for you to get two handed things done, you know, like blogging.

    All I know is that my chiropractor has a free peds clinic (birth to age 10 I think) one night a week, you could always go for a consultation to see what they say and you can decline any maneuvers you don't feel comfortable with. Just make sure you ask what type of experience they have with infants. I associate chiropractic care with all alternative medicines, you have to try it before you will become a believer.

  6. Moby wrap = best $40 I've ever spent. My son loves it and almost always falls asleep when he's in it. Once you figure out how to ties it, it's easy to use. Judah loves the closeness and the rocking of my movement, and I love that I can actually DO stuff. My SIL introduced me to it, and I don't know how I lived without it.

  7. Oh dear! Colic = sucky mcsuckerson. I saw your comment and thought 'i love cheering people up! who is this?', so here I am and now I am feeling bad that you are going through this colic stage. I would totally come hang out in sweat pants with you any day and help. We could eat cookies and talk about cute actors. It would be pure awesomeness. Okay Moby wrap, you can do it and it is amazing. Once you get the hang of it, you can like, use your hands and shit. You can even go pee with the baby snuggled up in there. Amazing right? Did your Moby come with a manual? I can't really explain it via blog comment, but if you don't have a manual go here:

  8. I've heard that Mobys are AMAZING once you practice with them a bit. I just got mine today - I can't wait to try it out!

    One of my closest friends is a chiropractor who specializes in maternity and peds, and I am a HUGE believer in it. Definitely find someone who has experience working on little people, but I think it's a great idea!

  9. I just borrowed a Moby from a co-worker. She showed me once how to put it on and then I watched a video on YouTube and got it on the second try. Now whether or not Chloe likes it is another story. We had our neighbor friend who is a chiropractor adjust Chloe once, but again, I can't say whether or not it really did anything. I'd say go for it! You don't have anything to lose. And I would go days without showering, or changing clothes too - goes with the territory I guess. :)

  10. I totally have to remind myself to pee too! It is so weird going from peeing ALL the time to peeing like once a day. I have the Moby but haven't used it yet...I think with all these great comments I am going to have to try! I really hope it helps you guys...

  11. I remember those days, but not as well as I thought I would. It gets better and better. Hang in there! We called it the "witching hour" and I thought I was going to lose it on several occasions.

    The Moby was great while she was really little, but I had a hard time with it the first few times and it was only good if I was going to be standing for awhile.

    I have a friend who swore by the chiro for her baby with reflux, but I never tried it.


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