Thursday, March 3, 2011


After doing some research online I've decided to wait until after the baby is born to get my hair straightened.  None of the sites I looked at had any hard data on if it was dangerous to baby or not so I'm going to play it safe and hold off.

That being said... has anyone heard whether or not you can still color your hair while pregnant?  Most of the websites I found say it is safe but to wait until the 2nd trimester?  Has anyone asked their Dr. about this before?

** Update** I called my RE's office and the nurse said it's totally fine to get my hair colored. Whew!

Thanks ladies!!


  1. Agreed. I've read that highlights are even better, since they don't actually touch your head, but I'm sure either way is totally fine!

  2. I always would of reccomended talking to your doctor. Glad you made the call and got the answer!

  3. I think on these things you will find information that says both ways. I'm glad you called in to get a professional opinion instead of just looking on the web.

  4. They say it's best to stick with low lights and highlights because the chemicals don't go directly on your scalp like dye does, but I think the coloring is fine. Glad you called your doc. :)

  5. Next task: are pedicures safe?

    (I plan on asking my RE on Monday. I think they might laugh at me. But whatever, it's not like I've ever been pregnant before...)


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