Friday, March 18, 2011

What to do?

I kind of freaked out yesterday (if you ask Steve he might call it a full-blown freak out).  And it was for a silly reason (but totally relevant at the time).

I have one pair of pants for work that I can still button (and fit my ass into) and all of my shirts are getting tight in the belly or boob area. I know, I know- believe me, I am beyond thrilled that I'm ballooning out of my clothes for a good reason but why is it happening so fast? I'm only 9 weeks pregnant and my stomach looks like it is much further along.  What gives? Is anyone else having this issue?

What have you former preggos done in this awkward stage between your normal clothes fitting and maternity clothes being too big?  I have tried the belly band- and I must be the only person alive who hates it.  I've read such awesome reviews but it makes my pants ride up in a very uncomfortable way and it doesn't stay down around my hips.  I'm half tempted to start coming to work in sweats.  No one will notice right?

P.S.  Steve and I bought our first "baby item" last night.  We just couldn't resist this little guy at the store.  We probably jinxed something by purchasing this for our unborn baby but I'm tired of worrying.

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Good for you on just giving in and enjoying it!!! What a cute monkey!
    I have heard a lot of women buy the pant extender. It is a button with an elastic thing connected to it. You put the new button in the button hole of your pants adn then put the elastic thing around the orginal button. I adds a few inches to the waist of the pants.
    I think you can even get them at craft stores.
    Good luck!

  2. I don't have any suggestions for tops, but for pants, you could do a few things: you could use a hair rubber band, loop it around the button, feed it through the buttonhole, and then hook it back around the button. For pants that don't have a button (hook, etc.), I used the BeBand from Target. I wasn't totally in love, but it gave me a few more weeks in my khakis and I'm still using it with jeans. Here is the best way I've found to use it: pull the band on over your underwear and have it go all the way up to under your bra. Then pull your pants on/zip up as far as you can. Then fold the top half of the band over the pants waistband. This isn't how they show to use it on the package, but I read this somewhere and it works pretty well.

    I just bought some maternity khakis, and I cannot tell you how comfortable they are. If none of the above suggestions work, I would just go get a pair! There is no shame in wearing them whenever you need them!

  3. I just used a rubber band hair tie. I looped it over the button and thru the button hole then over the button again. Cheap and quick!

  4. Well I am bloated/showing/whatever and my pants are too big for me now because I've lost a bit of weight so they sit right across my belly. Not helping the attempt to hide the mini-bump/bloat. So I wear as flowy of tops as I can.

    But yes - sweats are my best friends these days. And I prefer them under the belly. Have you started taking belly pics yet? I'm going to start at 12 weeks.

    Don't feel strange or anything, we all apparently grow at a different rate. Good luck with the clothing issues and I'm glad all is going well with your baby!

  5. I say go for the maternity clothes! I've heard they're the most comfortable pants in the world. If they fit, why not! Enjoy the (secret) elastic waistbands while you can :)

  6. I've been wearing workout pants everyday! I'm just so bloated and my jeans are so uncomfortable. Fortunately I get to wear scrubs to work so that is not a problem. I'm soooo ready for it to warm up a bit more here so I can just wear dresses and leggings all the time!

    Yea for expanding waistlines!

  7. So precious!!! I love the monkey! I'm tempted to wear sweats and I'm not even pregnant yet, so I would say you're well entitled! :) Also, every woman carries very differently *and* you have a lot more hormones pumped into you. My oldest sister carries in a way that you can't tell whether she's pregnant until a good 4.5 months in. My middle sister however shows by 8 weeks.

    Hoorah for adorable baby bumps!!!

  8. Since I really dont have any expierence on this subject my inital thought is to say buy a couple pants that are a size or two bigger and roll with them for awhile. But again I have no clue what to do.

    No worries about the freakout, you are allowed!

    Happy weekend!

  9. I am almost totally in maternity pants right now...I finally gave up!

  10. glad you are sick of worrying- more room for excessive joy!! best of luck on the pants- although obviously not in the preggars category, I have severe bloating when on meds and found great pairs of stretchy - yea elastic- pants from New York and Company.
    Love the monkey!

  11. I am wearing my "fat" pants right know...the pants that used to be baggy but now they are a little too tight! Most my pants fit in the morning but by after lunch they are sooo tight. I have started to wear a lot of black tops to hid the bloat/belly. I don't want people at my work to know for a couple more weeks. I have a belly band but I have not tried it yet. Let me know what works for you!

  12. I love that you bought something! I did and I'm not even pregs..haha. So if you just jinx'd yourself (which by the way you DID NOT), then I'm really screwed :)

    As for the sweats...if you can, go for it! My yoga pants would be worn on a daily if I was allowed!

  13. I am glad you are past the fear of jinxing things up. You should do what feels right, and frankly, right now you should pamper yourself and do what makes you feel comfortable,whether that means buying real maternity clothes or just clothes that are one size bigger.

  14. No one I know likes that belly band. i think your freak out is warranted!

  15. What about wearing dresses and stretchy skirts? Or are you just a pants-type-of-girl?
    Whenever I bloat I wear a dress or skirt, it also makes the bump less noticeable when you wear a jacket or belt with it.

    Just some tips...


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