Thursday, March 17, 2011

Humor at 9 weeks

If you need a good laugh you have to go see Lucky Z at the TTC Club.  This post had me laughing so hard I was crying....seriously. 

Another funny tidbit- we got this booklet called 'Great Expectations, a guide to enjoying your pregnancy' from our OB the other day at our first visit....this book is interesting to say the least.

Under the section discussing unusual cravings they go over all the usual items- pickles, ice cream, etc.  And then at the very end I read this...
"A desire to eat ice or strange items such as starch, dirt or clay could indicate a nutritional deficiency."
Yes, you read that right... dirt and clay.  I showed this to Steve and told him if I ever ask for dirt or clay for dinner he needs to rush me to the hospital because something is seriously wrong.

Another odd statement followed the section called, You Can Expect Some Changes.
"Excessive Salivation- this condition is frequently confused with vomiting in pregnancy."  Um, who can't distinguish between excessive salivation and vomiting??  Pretty sure I know the difference and this shouldn't be confusing for me.

There are wonderful pictures throughout the booklet and by wonderful I mean totally cheesy- like this gem. I wish I knew where to get that maternity outfit.


  1. My mom was actually obsessed with eating snow when she was pregnant with two of my brothers, and they ended up putting her on a multi-mineral supplement because they also said it indicates a deficiency. Thank god it wasn't dirt!

  2. bahahahaha....when I saw your post in my list, the picture was there and for one second (just one I swear) I was like, "OMG, how can Bridget be that big already"!!! hahahha...ooops.

  3. Eat lots and lots of ice cream please!!! That's my craving I'm passing on to you.

  4. I don't know. You don't think standing in front of an open fridge dressed like 'I Dream of Jeanie' is fashionable??

  5. Thanks so much for linking to my site! I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Hopefully I can continue to bring you laughs!


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