Friday, July 15, 2011

what a day.

We made our first nerve wracking trip to labor & delivery today, thankfully everything is ok.

Where to begin....  I'll start with saying baby girl hasn't been her normal, active self since Wednesday morning.  It made me nervous, but she was still kicking every once in awhile so I was trying to stay calm.  

Last night, Steve and I went for our usual walk with the dog and a little over half way home I started feeling bh contractions and cramps and I felt very nauseous and out of breath.  I had to sit down.  Steve ran the rest of the way home, got the car and came back to get me.

I drank some water, laid on my left side and I was having more bh contractions.  After about an hour I felt a little better but I was still nauseous so I went to bed.

This morning I woke up feeling sick and the baby still wasn't active like she has normally been in the morning.  I called my Dr's office and of course, she was in surgery.  The nurse said she would get back to me when the Dr came in.  So I waited and waited and finally got a call back 3 hours later.  The nurse told me to go to labor and delivery and have them monitor the baby.

So to the hospital we went.  I don't think I've ever been so nervous in my life.  We were put in a room and a nurse came in to hook me up to the fetal monitor.  Then came the longest 10 minutes of my life, she couldn't find the baby's heart beat. I was starting to feel panicked and I could see the worry on Steve's face.  Thankfully, another nurse came in and found her little heart beat pretty quickly. 

So after being monitored for an hour the nurse said everything looked good (her heart beat was between 140-150 and I had three contractions) of course, about 30 minutes into the test she was moving around like crazy, more than I have felt in days.  The nurse said that they wanted to do an ultrasound to be 100% sure she was doing ok.

The ultrasound looked great, she is measuring at 27 weeks, 2 lbs 5 oz., we got to see her wave her hand and her little mouth was opening and closing- I was so excited and relieved to see her!

The nurse told me to take it easy this weekend, rest a lot, and up my fluids.  She said with the weather this hot I could be getting a little dehydrated. If my contractions get stronger and more regular I am supposed to go back to the hospital.

I can't even express how thankful I am that she is ok.


  1. How scary! So glad to hear that everything is OK!!

  2. What a scare. Glad to hear that things are ok, please take it easy from here on out!

  3. Whew! What a scare. That little girl is grounded when she comes out!

    So glad everything is okay. Always a good idea to get checked out.

    Rest up and drink lots of water this weekend.

  4. Oh my goodness! So terrifying! I'm so very glad that you are all doing well! Rest sounds very well deserved and some pampering is most definitely in order!!! Hope you have a wonderful, restful weekend!

  5. Oh Bridget I am so glad you are all okay!! Hang in there and take it easy- lots of deep breaths.
    Prayers and hugs from here!!!!!!

  6. Oh no what a scare! But sooooo glad babygirl is ok. =) sweet sweet baby... Don't scare us like that!

  7. Oh, take it easy during the weekend then. Glad all is well!

  8. So scary! Sounds like you know exactly what to do...relax! Thinking of you!

  9. Glad to hear everything is ok. Sounds like you were dehydrated.
    Granted, Gynaecology is merely a HOBBY of mine, you might want to consider cancelling your upcoming 4D ultrasound.
    In 2004, the FDA cautioned women to avoid "entertainment ultrasounds." In 2006 the National Academy of Sciences declared that ultrasounds should ONLY be used during pregnancy for necessary medical purposes (such as your unfortunate event on Thursday, counting limbs, determining fetal position, etc.).
    I feel obligated as a human to inform you that the American Medical Association ALSO OPPOSES routine ultrasound screening. Albeit their studies have only confirmed major brain & tissue damage in infant & fetal mice, one could imagine the damage it could do to a 3-4 lb. fetus's developing brain.
    I only wish to inform you, because (a) your upcoming 4D ultrasound appears to be your 6th or 7th ultrasound in 28 weeks, and (b) none of these bloggers who (presumably) read baby books have commented on this.
    I would suggest getting a new doctor -- or at least getting another doctor's opinion on getting a 4D ultrasound, at this stage in your pregnancy.
    Someone should ALSO remind you --- that THIS baby is coming, regardless of whether or not you get to see pictures of it in the womb. When your baby is a 5 y.o., these ultrasound pictures will be long forgotten.... But will the effects of the ultrasounds be gone as well??
    I would hate to see a couple who has been through "so much," be uninformed or uneducated about such a potentially-hazardous procedure. I am obviously NOT a doctor, nor do I have ANY IDEA what you two have gone through in your pregnancy -- but I am capable of realizing that there is a possibility that NOBODY HAS INFORMED YOU (or the other people reading your blog) of the potential risks with having so many ultrasounds.

  10. so glad that everything turned out okay!! whew :)

  11. Wow, so scary!! So happy to hear that all is ok. You deserve a nice relaxing and pampered weekend.. so take care of yourself and your beautiful little girl and let Steve take care of you. Thinking of you!

  12. Oh I am so relieved she is all right... Keep taking care of yourself and your little girl within.

  13. Oh my word, what an exciting/incredibly scary weekend you had! I'm glad everything is okay with your baby girl. Take it easy and let your hubby spoil you while you rest. Praying for you and the family!

  14. So glad she is okay! That must have been terrifying!

  15. Wow, what a scary experience. I am so glad that all of you are ok!

  16. WOW! I'm so glad that you and the baby are ok! I bet that was soooo nerve racking!


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