Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I should probably have a plan...

So, depending on which book/website you look at, I'm either in or about to be in my third trimester.  This hit me last night on a walk with Steve and our dog.  Holy shit, in  12 weeks (give or take) I'm going to go into labor.  Um, I'll be honest- I have no idea what I am in for in the labor department.

I've spent all this time researching how to get pregnant, how to stay pregnant, how to have a healthy pregnancy, and what happens during pregnancy that I completely forgot to look at that kind of important part of the process called labor. Since I don't know much about childbirth, I've always had the opinion that I would try to do it naturally and if it's too much to take I'll ask for some drugs....now I'm thinking I should probably have a better plan than that. 

I started reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth today- she's all about natural childbirth and I'm scared eager to learn more about it.  I have to share one of her quotes from the book - "There is no other organ quite like the uterus.  If men had such an organ, they would brag about it. So should we."  Amen Ina!

I even ordered a book for Steve that is supposed to help the guy get through the process (alive) and hopefully help me at the same time. And of course, we will be taking the childbirth class offered by the hospital I'll be delivering at (it starts in a couple of weeks).  

Anyone have any horror stories useful tips they would like to share?


  1. I just had that same slap in the face last week or so! Um, I have 9 weeks left (assuming she’s full-term) and my plan was the same as yours: go in, try to go natural, get drugs if needed (and who are we kidding, at some point I am sure I’d get the drugs if my plan stopped there). I just started reading the same book, although I skipped most the stories in the first half. I might go back and read them but for my peace of mind, I needed to skip to the nitty-gritty! ;)

    Good luck! We'll make it through, I'm sure.

  2. I have heard that is a good book :) We plan on following the Bradley techniques- there aren't any classes in our area, but we are reading through the book and doing the exercises every so often (not as often as I'd like though...). I am totally praying that I can labor and deliver naturally!!

  3. In all honesty (coming from someone who has experienced labor) your plan of "I would try to do it naturally and if it's too much to take I'll ask for some drugs" is spot on. That's not to say you shouldn't research childbirth and natural pain management methods. I took a class on Hypnobirthing and it didn't work for me. After 30 hours of unbearable contractions (and no a minute of sleep) I ended up taking an epidural (and it was like heaven). I felt like I had failed myself and my unborn child because I needed the medication. How could I have prepared for months (and spent tons of money) and I failed. Looking back, I didn't fail anyone. My labor was simply too long and difficult. This time around I will practice relaxation and hope for a faster labor. If I can labor and deliver naturally I will be ecstatic. If not, that's OK too. As long as I have a healthy baby and I am healthy that's all that really matters. Best of luck for a speedy labor!!! Either way, healthy babies are what count.

  4. My plan is just going to be to get through it however I can! Of course, I have 20 weeks to refine that plan:] Among other reasons why infertility sucks, being older means that I know all of my friends birth experiences... and some are pretty scary, ugh! Except for the one that delivered within three hours of going into labor and was sitting up eating a cheeseburger when I got there, I'll take that experience please!

  5. If you are planning to do it naturally, the hospital class isn't the best for that. They mainly just go over the basics (stages of labor, etc.) and pain relief available. If there are some in your area, I would attend a private, away-from-the-hospital class. We learned some really good tips and pain techniques, along with the risks and benefits of the pain relief, including any interventions (like PItocin to induce labor, etc.)

    Another thing you might be interested in is hiring a doula, who can help coach you through labor and delivery. We hired one and she was fabulous. She was a help to my DH when he needed to leave the room and helped keep me calm! She didn't take away from the family intimacy of the experience at ALL. We had some surprises with my daughter's birth that ended in a c-section but, until then, I had about 20 hours of unmedicated labor. I was so glad that she was there!

    Good luck in your research! Just remember--women have been doing this for thousands of years. Enjoy the rest of the Ina May book; I enjoyed that one.

  6. I read some books about labor but we never took a class or anything. I was dilated to a five when they did the epideral. I wanted to enjoying the birthing experience for my first one. At five I was not in a lot of pain yet. So my first birth was not that bad. Good Luck. Readings books about it and educating ourselves did us just fine and they staff said they were impressed with how well we handled everything.

  7. Having had a (successful) natural labor myself I have a ton of thoughts for you. Shoot me an email!

  8. Honestly, I also think your basic plan is pretty much all you need. My plan was just "Have a baby", haha. I find that when I read birth stories of women who had very detailed plans, they almost always seem to be disappointed by something that happened because it went against their plan, which seems sad to me. If there's something you feel extremely strongly about, make sure to talk about it with your doctor, but otherwise, I think going in with a very basic plan allows you to be more flexible in lots of situations.


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