Friday, May 23, 2014

the perfect day

There are days as a (part-time) stay at home mom that I watch the clock and count down the minutes until Steve gets home.  Not because I don't like staying home with my kids but because the kids have been crying/fighting/throwing food/not napping/etc. all day and I need a liiiitle break.

Yesterday was not one of those days.  It was the exact opposite.  There were no tantrums, minimal crying and no nap strikes.  So, basically the perfect day and it has to be documented.

Emily woke up in a fantastic mood which usually means everyone else is going to be in a good mood.  If the Queen is happy, everyone is happy.

We went for a long walk,

played in the yet to be planted garden,

chased the dog around the yard,

played peek-a-boo through the huge peonies,

and the best part of the day came after Gavin's nap when he let me cuddle him- this seriously never happens, so I took full advantage.



  1. I feel like we must have switched lives yesterday. Drop off at school was horrible (it never is) and then all evening he was a pain in the arse. I think these 'trying 3s' are really setting in over here!

  2. Awww! I love perfect days with my kiddos too. Those days are few and far between, but being outside always seems to help their moods! :-) Miss you friend!

  3. The perfect days make up for a week of imperfect days :)

  4. I love days like that! You said it right...perfection!

  5. Days like that make every single rough day worth it - times 1000!


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