Wednesday, May 7, 2014

15 months post surgery- Gavin

It's hard to believe 15 months have gone by since Gavin was born & had surgery for his Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  Every time we drive to Children's my stomach turns into a tight knot and I am taken back to the days after he was born when we drove that route two or three times a day to sit at his side while he recovered.

His team of doctors and surgeons were amazing.  His NICU nurses were beyond amazing. When we go to Children's for his appointments there is usually someone who remembers him- this time it was the X-ray technician.  CDH isn't rare but it is fairly uncommon, so they remember Gavin because he was the first case of CDH in 2013 and because his recovery was remarkable.  And unless you see his scars, you would never know he had such a rough start.  He's amazing, he's strong, and he's growing. 

Most babies who are born with CDH are smaller than they should be, their lungs are underdeveloped, there can be heart defects, failure to thrive & developmental delays.  I thank God every day that he answered our prayers when Gavin was only hours old. 

We met with Gavin's surgeon on Monday and it was all good news.  She looked at his chest X-ray, listened to his lungs and said everything looks & sounds great.  Music to my ears.  His ribs do stick out more than normal and when he gets a cold he has wheezing spells that require breathing treatments.  There is always the chance that his hernia could re-open; requiring surgery to repair it again.  But right now, Gavin is doing wonderfully.

Happy 15 month birthday Booty, you are a miracle & we love you so much!


  1. Awesome news Booty!
    I remember when we heard the news about G Buddy and I called my NICU nurse friend to ask her about it and she told me what was typical for that diagnosis and I was soooo devastated for you. However, as I told her about Gavin's recovery she thought I must have told her the wrong diagnosis, because he was doing SO much better than she had ever seen a baby do with that issue. Gavin is just a badass!
    Happy 18 months big guy!

  2. Such awesome news. He really beat the odds, huh? Happy 15th months to one of the cutest little guys I know!

  3. Such awesome amazing wonderful astounding news!

    Way to kick butt, G!

  4. Gavin is such a miracle. So thankful he's healthy and doing so well!!!! Happy 15 months G!

  5. LOVE the red socks! I see them as a shout out to his Auntie Natalie :) Go G-Man!

  6. Aww this post makes me so happy! I remember those first days, hearing about Gavin's condition, seeing your photos. I remember telling Anthony and thinking of you day and night. I am so so glad everything worked out the way it did. Yay G booty!!! :) What a little fighter.

  7. He's such an awesome little guy! I'm so glad that his appointment went well and he continues to thrive!


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