Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend wrap

Our summer weekends are going by too fast!

Our days consisted of....

Checking on our garden (329 times).  We are having so much fun with our first garden!  The kids love to go check on the plants and help with watering everything- including themselves. 

Playing catch (Emily's new favorite thing), "mowing" (Gavin's new favorite thing) & coloring the whole driveway (and part of the house) with our "colors".

And, Booty got another hair cut- it's the shortest we've ever cut it and I can't get over how much older he looks without his curls. 

Is it Friday yet??


  1. I love his haircut, I think it's adorable! We didn't plant anything in our garden this year and I kind of wish we would have now after seeing how much your kids enjoy it.

  2. Our entire backyard is now nicely colored with chalk! Good thing it washes off! I wish we had a garden. How fun

  3. Yay for gardens. This is our 2nd year doing a garden and we love it. Taylor learned to love veggies after eating from the garden last year. I hope Alex does the same this year!

  4. This is our first year using an automatic watering system in the garden. It's so efficient, but I miss going out to water everyday! Your kiddos look like good helpers!

  5. I'm so excited that Emily is using the potty now! Aiden is pretty much all the way potty trained now which is awesome. FINALLY! My garden is growing, but not as beautiful as yours are! If I do ok this year, we are making raised beds next year. Aiden is obsessed with watering too. When did your kids grow up and get so big?!


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