Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Somehow I have a 15 month old and a 2.5 year old


Height:  40.3 inches.  This girl takes after her mama and towers over all the kids in her class at daycare. 

Weight:  32 pounds 8 ounces

I'm not even sure where to begin with how awesome she is right now.  She sings, dances, knows her alphabet, counts to 20, knows her right from her left (thanks Grandpa Stan) and she surprises me every day with something  new she knows.  Let's be clear- there are still tantrums but she can be reasoned with pretty easily and that helps a ton.

She hasn't shown any interest whatsoever in potty training and I'm not forcing the issue.

My favorite thing right now:  Her and I sit in her rocker every night before bed and sing the same 4 songs (and they have to be in the same order, of course).  rock a bye baby, twinkle twinkle, you are my sunshine, and hush little baby.  When we are done singing I tell her I love her and then I ask if she loves me.  She always says, "I love you sooooo much and you make me soooooo happy!"  I mean.  It makes me want to cry every night.  And I will be the saddest mom ever when she stops saying this.

I copied Shannon and Kelly and decided to do a survey with her.  I do believe I would get a different answer if I asked her these questions every day.  Oh toddlers.

-  What's your name?  Emily Draff
-  How old are you?  2
-  What is your favorite color?  (looks down at her shirt) White!
-  What is your favorite toy?  I don't know
-  What is your favorite show?  Sheriff Callie  (so true, she is obsessed)
-  What is your favorite fruit?  Red vegetables and I eat apples too (??)
-  What's your favorite lunch?  Chicken noodle soup
-  What's your favorite drink?  Water
-  What's your favorite animal?  Horse (probably because she was playing with a horse)
-  Who is your best friend?  Mommy is!
-  What is your favorite thing to do?  Fall down (um what?)
-  What do you want to be when you grow up?  Flowers
-  What is your favorite thing to wear?  shirt
-  What are your favorite shoes?  Running shoes
-  What is your favorite song?  ABCs
-  What is your favorite book?  Potty Time
-  What is your favorite ice cream?  Strawberry


Height:  33.6 inches

Weight:  26 pounds 14 ounces

Oh G Booty.  As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, Gavin has no fear.  He is obsessed with our animals and with being outside.  Heaven help you if you try to get him to go inside- whoa.  Buddy is strong and he will kick and punch and fight until you get him inside and then he will stand at the door and scream. His teacher at daycare told me yesterday that when they go outside to play he stands in the same spot at the fence and watches the traffic go by the whole time they are outside.  

He has a serious milk addiction and he is a great eater.  His favorite foods right now are cheerios, peas, pears, yogurt, bananas and chicken. 

He loves his dad and his sister so much.  If he wakes up before Emily he runs down the hall to bang on her bedroom door.  He follows her everywhere she goes and wants to be doing what she is doing.

He is finally sleeping through the night (thanks to Vetiver & Lavender essential oils) and he is still taking 2 naps a day. 

My favorite thing right now:  He has such purpose with everything he does.  He walks around like a little man on a mission and with his finger pointed up at the sky.  Such a big personality in our little guy.

I asked Gavin the same survey questions but every answer was a grunt or a point....


  1. G sounds like Drew and his love for milk and being on a mission! And I love that first picture of them two!

  2. Awe! they are getting so big! Love that first picture!

  3. You have beautiful beautiful kids. I can't believe how tall Emily is. She has four inches on my little T Bird!

    I lol'd at G's answers to the survey. That would be mine too!!!

  4. I can't believe how tall Emily is! (Haha, I just saw Shannon wrote the same thing above). I love the survey idea too, I'll have to remember that for Chloe's birthday. And Gavin's answers were the best. :)

  5. He and Amelia are almost the exact same height and weight. She is just a little behind him, but maybe by the time we see you guys in a few weeks she'll be all caught up. I can't wait to see them all together!


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