Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gavin- 9 months

Gavin turned 9 months old on October 23.  NINE.MONTHS.OLD.

This month G was a little more fussy.  He had a lot of ear infections, a cold that wouldn't quit, and lots of doctor appointments.  He was still happier than a lot of babies would be (or at least happier than Emily would be).


Size-  We took Gavin for his 9 month well-check visit and he is a BIG boy.  I'm so proud of how big & healthy he is because I think back to when he was at Children's and they didn't want to let him come home because he wasn't gaining weight.  He is 23 pounds, 9 ounces and 30.25 inches long.
He wears some 12 month clothes but they are getting too short so we have started using some 18 month clothes.  He wears a size 4 diaper.

he's such a boy- always getting dirty!

Teeth- G has 4 teeth on top and 4 on the bottom. He is drooling like crazy and always has something in his mouth so I'm sure more are on the way soon.

Sleep-  This is the only department we have trouble with.... G buddy does not think sleep is important.  A couple of weeks ago he was going to bed at 7pm, waking at 11:00pm and 2:00am and then up for the day at 5:30am.  This week he has been skipping the 11:00pm wake up and the rest is the same.  We have tried to let him "cry it out" but he gets so worked up that he spits up.  He just isn't ready so we are slowly trying to work with him on sleeping. 

Interesting note, when we took him to the ENT at Children's yesterday the Dr. said he thinks Gavin may have reflux.  It makes sense, since he doesn't like laying down, wakes frequently and cannot be calmed down with anything but a bottle.  It's a lot like Emily was but he's just not as loud/crazy as Emily was so we haven't been thinking much of it.  Last night we gave him reflux medicine and propped his mattress up like we used to do for Emily and hopefully when the meds start kicking in we will have a better sleeper (please?).

I don't need sleep!

Eating-  Obviously, Gavin has no trouble eating.  He takes about 5, 5oz bottles during the day and 1, 4oz bottle during the night.  He eats pouches, oatmeal, cheerios, and puffs.  We have tried a few "real" foods but he tends to spit them out.  I did have some luck with avocado the other night (Emily's first food and still one of her favorites). 

Learning-  Gavin is all about the gross motor skills.  He is crawling, climbing over toys and us, pulling up to standing on everything, bear crawling, throwing balls (and anything he can get his hands on).  He says "ba" but no mama or dada yet.  He claps and does "so big". 

monkey see, monkey do

What he loves-  His sister is his favorite, hands down.  He follows her wherever she goes and he gets fussy when she isn't around.  He doesn't like books as much as Emily did, but he will look at them if she is.  He likes playing with the toy kitchen and chasing the cats around.  He lets out the loudest yell when he sees one of the cats and they take off running! He also loves bath time and being outside.

What he doesn't love- Diaper changes & sleeping.

Tubes-  Gavin went to Children's yesterday to see if he needs tubes in his ears.  The Doctor said he has had too many ear infections and that tubes would be his best option.  So we have an appointment on November 7th.  I know it's not a huge surgery, but any prayers would be appreciated. 

Both of my babies at 9 months old.  I don't think they look a lot alike but they have some definite similarities.

Happy 9 month birthday G-buddy!!


  1. Such a cutie! I love reading about how in awe he is of his big sister - same goes for our kids too. I can't believe he has 8 teeth already! I hope he gets some relief from the meds and propping his bed up so you all can get some better sleep. And I'll be thinking about you guys in the coming week(s) for his surgery!!

  2. He is just the most handsome, precious little thing! Your kids are way too adorable! How can you even handle so much cuteness in your house?! What a lucky momma you are!

    P.S. I'll keep you in my prayers during his upcoming surgery. Sending hugs your way!

  3. Wow - what a big boy!

    Tay had an accident at school and they put her in an old pair of her size 18 month pants...and they basically fit. Your 9 month old is about the same size as my 2 year old.

    Love the relationship between him and E. Makes me super excited to see how T and Alex are going to be....

  4. I'm so amazed at how quickly G is growing up. He looks like such a big boy in your pictures, not at all like a baby. I love how closely he watches his big sister! Love your kiddos!

  5. 9 months!! One of my favourite stages and I can't believe he is there already. Also can't believe he is 4 pounds heavier than Lids.. who will be 2 in two months!! So many different shapes and sizes :) He is such a handsome boy! I find him and Emily didn't look as much alike when they were the same age as they actually do now. When I see them in photos together now, I always think they look alike.

    Really hoping the tubes help his ears. Poor guy! And help everyone get some more sleep :)


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