Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Emily is going to be two...

I mean, how is it possible that two years have gone by already?  I don't feel two years older.

It's bittersweet.  Half of me wishes I could freeze her where she is for a bit, I wish these first years could last longer, I wish I could slow it all down.  The other half of me is amazed every day that she's a little taller, knows a new word, and does something new that she didn't do yesterday. 

This week, I've found myself hugging her tighter, kissing her beautiful face even more, and rocking her a little longer at night.  She's our baby girl, she's the one who made us parents, and on Friday we will celebrate her 2nd birthday. 

just hours old

1 year

2 years

She's beautiful, funny, and smart and we are so lucky she's ours.
We love you more than words Emily Bonnie!


  1. All these birthdays are coming up and it's made me realize how long many of us have been blog friends. Seems like no time at all has passed, yet look at all the memories now fill these 2+ years. Happy birthday week to your beautiful, smart, talented Emily!!!

    1. I was just thinking that as well Stephanie!!! I remember so many of us trying to get pregnant and then so many getting pregnant within the same time frame and now they are 2 or turning 2. It is just crazy!

      Bridget, she is just beautiful! I feel the same way, I love this age and would love to keep Avery in a time bubble, but then I wouldn't see her progress. Emily is soooo tall and so feisty and smart! You have a great little girl!

    2. I know! We have all been "together" for so long! And now our babies are getting so big! Love you girls!

  2. 2 years old! Unbelievable! Happy birthday, beautiful Emily!

  3. All these "my baby is 2" posts are making me so sad! MY BABY is almost two too! **tear** Happy {early} 2nd Birthday Emily!

  4. Well I am crying :) Hit close to home as my baby girl will be two soon (well march!) but feels soon! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl!

  5. I can't believe she is already two! I remember when you had just found out you were pregnant! It doesn't feel that long ago!

  6. Not possible that E is turning 2! She's such a beautiful, spirited girl. So excited to see who she grows up to be.

  7. Ohh I know how you feel with the split two ways... I don't want our babies to grow up anymore... but at the same time, how amazing it is to watch them learn and grow.

    So amazing to see how much E has grown and changed in the past two years. She looks like such a big girl now!!! :)

  8. :D :D She's a beautiful special 2 year old! :)


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