Sunday, August 26, 2012

10 months!

Dear Emily (aka: Ems, Badger, Badgey, Lil' Tiny),

When did you get so big?

Your dad and I are always asking each other, "What happened to our little baby?"  I think we will do this for the rest of our lives, it must be a parent thing.

You are growing so fast physically and mentally.  You are standing up all the time, cruising on the furniture, crawling at the speed of light, and climbing over anything in your way!  We got you your first pair of walking shoes on Saturday and you don't like them very much right now, but I know you'll get used to them soon.

You can say mama, up, baba and zsa zsa (dada).  You play hide and seek behind furniture or corners and then poke your little head out, it's the cutest thing and you giggle every time! 

You give kisses and hugs when we ask for them and you have started waving bye-bye.  You are very interested in our mouths and teeth (daddy thinks you're going to be a dentist).   You love lifting my shirt to see my belly and attempting to blow raspberries on it. You can find your ball, your stuffed seal, and Grandma Bonnie's teddy bear if we ask you where they are. 

You are still quiet around other babies and in group settings.  We had a couple of play dates at our house this month and you didn't like the other kids playing with your toys.  You love music class but you like to sit back and observe before you start interacting with anyone right away. You dance anytime you hear music and grin from ear to ear. You still like being outside, going for walks, and swinging.

Sometimes Daddy holds you upside down or swings you around in his arms and you squeal and giggle. 

You are taking 4- 5 or 6 oz bottles a day and you are a pretty picky eater (just like mommy was).  Your favorite things to eat are raspberries, strawberries, bananas, avocado, cheerios, puffs, yogurt, cheese, waffles and graham crackers.  You aren't a big fan of veggies and meat right now but we are working on it! You are starting to get the hang of your sippy cup and you love drinking water.

You are taking two naps a day usually an hour and a half each and you are sleeping at night from 7:00pm -6:30am. 

It seems like you are getting a new tooth every time I turn around!  You have 2 top teeth (with a couple of bumps showing new teeth coming) and 5 bottom teeth.  Your amber teething necklace has helped a ton with fussiness from teething pain.  You don't seem bothered by new teeth as much anymore (thank God!).

We are all very excited to have some visitors this month!  Aunt Niki, Uncle Alec and Grandpa are all coming to see us in a couple of weeks are we can't wait!!

Sweet girl, you make mommy and daddy so happy and proud every day.  You are the best thing that has every happened to us and we love you more than you will ever know!



  1. Look at all that hair! She almost looks like a toddler now!

  2. These pictures are just the sweetest!

  3. she just gets cuter and cuter! i can't believe how big she is and that she's doing so much! she's going to be walking - scratch that - RUNNING before you know it. love the pics! the second to the last one is adorable with that sassy pose! she's just oozing personality. :)

  4. It took Chloe awhile to warm up to other kids too, I think it's great that you are able to get her around other kids her own age now though. I love her hair in a ponytail and she looks so big with her shoes on!

  5. I can't believe how grown up she is getting... and more and more beautiful every month if that is possible!! I love her hair! I'm a bit jealous as Alidia is still pretty bald! Love all of the photos. Happy 10 months Emily! :)

  6. Love the last picture of the two of you! So adorable. And I seriously love the nickname Badger. So freaking cute. Drew is also kinda shy around other kids at first. I think it means that he and Emily just have manners and like to sit back and watch for a while instead of go crazy and show off!

  7. Happy 10 months, sweet E.

    She always looks so happy in her pictures! :) And omg- I can't get enough of her hair. Taylor is jealous.

  8. Dude she has grown like 100% more hair in no time. It is crazy! She is adorable.

  9. omg...that pic of little E nearly killed me. Why aren't they that little still????

    Blakely is also jealous of E's hair. She got called a boy 4011 times at the airport and she wasn't happy about it...BOWS from here on out.

  10. I love watching her grow, but HATE that it's happening so fast!!!

  11. She is SO CUTE! Oh my word, she looks so old in those last few pictures! What a blessing!

  12. What kind of Amber teething necklace did you get/where did you get it?
    I need to get one for Cecilia but don't know where to look for an authentic one.

    1. I got ours at Inspired by Finn online. They say the lighter yellow works best.

  13. Happy 10 months cutiepie!
    Do those amber necklaces work for real? I wanted one for Vaughn but I feel like he'll just take it off instantly lol.

  14. Toddler age is amazing. You will enjoy the next few months SO much as she really grasps language, it is amazing!

  15. what wonderful pictures!! she is adorable as usual and I am happy to hear you are going to have some visitors.

    sorry to be MIA. balance and adjustment are the themes of our house lately. difficult to say the least.

    hugs to all!


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