Tuesday, June 7, 2011

nursery plans

I know I mentioned our nursery plans awhile ago and now that we are about to get started I thought I would share our ideas with you.  We are so excited to start decorating the space that will be our first baby's room!!

We decided the theme is going to be flowers.  We have asked our parents, my siblings, and a few other friends to take pictures of a flower or flowers to hang in the baby's room.  We have received so many great pictures- it was hard to choose just one from each person! We are working on getting them printed now and then we will pick out frames to hang them in a collage on one wall in her room.  In the middle of the collage will be this picture of a hummingbird, in remembrance of my mom.

Here are the flower pictures we have gotten so far - are they beautiful or what?  I absolutely love that our baby girl's room will be decorated with pictures taken by family and friends, I think this is a very special way to show her how much her family loves her. And each one is so different and unique!

photo from Steve and I
photo from my best friend Courtney

photo from my Dad and Regina
photo from Steve's parents

photo from my sister Kelsey

photo from my sister Niki

The walls will be sage green and we will use pink for an accent color (rug, blankets etc.).

This is a picture of her bedding (that is on it's way to our house thanks to Grandma and Grandpa G.)

I just know she will love it!


  1. what a neat idea! you could have a lot of fun with the frames, too. the nursery is going to be so beautiful!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!! Well done!!!

  3. I love that idea! How sweet her little space will be :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE the idea of putting up pictures from family members, and I especially love the picture of the hummingbird in honor of your mom. So sweet!!

  5. Those are beautiful. Will you be posting picture of the nursery here?

  6. Wow, wonderful idea. Love the theme and the photos.

  7. the pics are great!!!!!! what a creative way to welcome her into the world AND to honor your mom!

  8. what a cool idea! i know the room is going to look beautiful!

  9. So beautiful and I LOVE teh idea of the pictures from each of the importnant people in her life. So unique.

  10. Those are beautiful flower pictures! :) I can't wait to start working on the nursery. You must post work in progress pictures!

  11. How beautiful! I love the flower idea! It's going to turn out so cute!


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