Monday, October 5, 2015

Another trip to the ER

Yesterday I was starting to feel better pain wise from my ovarian cyst rupture.  My anxiety has been under control and I've been feeling better all around.  We went to our friend's son's birthday party and we all had a great time. The kids has their faces painted for the first time and they were so excited!

After the party the kids really wanted to see Grandma and Grandpa so we dropped them off and went home to relax a bit.  After about a half hour I started to have sharp pain in my lower right back.  The pain was gradually getting worse and I told Steve we might have to go back to the ER.  In my mind I was thinking, "are you f*cking kidding me??".  We called Steve's parents and told them what was going on and within 10 minutes the pain went from bearable to unbearable- I might throw up- get in the car and drive fast.  I think I screamed at Steve to go faster the whole 30 minutes to the hospital.

They got me to a room pretty quickly and gave me pain meds thankyoulord.  Then we waited for another CT scan and talked to the ER doctor (same guy who saw me on Wednesday- crazy).  My CT scan showed a 6mm kidney stone backing up my kidney flow and causing quite a bit of swelling.  The doctor did not know why it didn't show up on the scan from Wednesday and he also said that my kidney looked normal on the scan from Wednesday.  So he consulted with the urologist on call and they decided I would be going to surgery at 8pm to see if he could get the stone out.

Long story short, he wasn't able to get the stone out so a stent was placed and I go back in tomorrow to have the stone broken up with a laser.

Lord I need a break.


  1. Oh Good Lord - this is just nuts! Praying you get that break soon...

  2. Holy shit girl. That's terrible. Thinking of you and saying prayers that tomorrow goes smoothly. You need a vacation after all the crap you've been dealing with!

  3. Good lord girl! You really DO need a break. Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon. Life just sucks when Momma's not well. Sending prayers!

  4. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You can't catch a break. I'm SOOOO sorry. I know I would not be able to handle all the stress being thrown at you all at once. Wow.

  5. Oh my gosh!! :( You absolutely need a break. I can't believe all of this is happenign to you all at once. I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this and really really hope things are looking up soon.

  6. The kids look adorable, but oh my gosh I am so sorry you have been dealing with this and in so much pain!! I had no idea! I hope you are recovering well now.


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