Friday, April 11, 2014


I guess yesterday was National Sibling Day?  I didn't know until I looked at facebook and saw so many great pictures of brothers and sisters!

 So here's my shout out to my siblings- Kelsey, Niki & Randl.

I saw this quote somewhere and I don't know who wrote it, but the day I saw it I immediately texted it to my siblings- because it's so true.

"To the outside world we all grow old. 
But not to brothers and sisters. 
We know each other as we always were. 
We know each others' hearts. 
We share private family jokes. 
We remember family feuds and secrets, family grief's and joys. 
We live outside the touch of time."
The oldest of our group is Kelsey.  I like to call her Martha Stewart because she is so damn crafty. She can sew anything and cook anything.  She is an amazing mom to four beautiful girls.  She's a planner, she's responsible, and we can always count on her to host Thanksgiving dinner or any family gathering for that matter!

Then there's Niki (I call her Niki, her name is actually Nicole).  Niki is smart as hell and she can argue her point with the best of 'em.  She loves animals- like really, really loves animals.  She is loyal and will kick anyone's ass who messes with our family.  If I had to choose one word to describe Niki I think it would be feisty.

{I'm the third child, that's where all my issues come from- joke, but seriously.}
And Randl is the baby.  He's funny, outgoing and surprisingly frugal.  He's a genius with graphic art and storytelling.  He loves sports- playing them and watching them. And people naturally gravitate towards him - if you were to meet him, you'd see why. 


My siblings are the best people- they are my people.  We are all so different but we are also the same.  I have many, many great memories from growing up with them and I wouldn't change a thing.  We have been through a lot and have always stuck by each other's sides no matter what.  That's what having siblings is all about, you always have a friend.


  1. Man the 3 of your girls look SO much alike!!

  2. You guys sound so close, that's awesome! And I agree with Sarah, I'm having a hard time guessing which one is you in that first picture...the one standing with the blue bow??

  3. Aww this is awesome!! It sounds like you have such a great relationship with your siblings. Stories like this (and Josey's) make me think, "hmm maybe more than 2 kids would be nice!" since I just had one brother, which was great.. but you guys just seem like a team! :)

  4. This is wonderful! What is the age difference between you all?

  5. Wow - I just love reading these. You all look so much alike too! Even your brother (in a masculine way, of course!)


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