Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nearly burned my house down this can only get better from here right?!

I hate our stove. 

You know how there is/should be a safety measure on stoves where you have to push the knob down before you can turn them?  Well on our stove this safety measure is slim to none.  I think our cats could turn on the burners if they tried, in fact- I'm going to blame this morning's incident on our cats.  That should make me feel better.

I was in the kitchen making smoothies and out of nowhere I smelled something strange- a chemical kind of smell.  I turned around to see where it was coming from and I see Gavin's coat in flames on top of the stove and the flames were nearly up to the ceiling.  About 848 thoughts ran through my head in half a second- FIRE!, STAY CALM!, don't scare the kids, yell for Steve, get the fire extinguisher, I don't know how to use the fire extinguisher, get the coat into the sink.....and so on.

Thankfully the kids were happily playing in another room so they had no clue this was even happening. I'm still not sure how the knob got turned, I must've bumped it when I was getting my smoothie cup down from the cabinet. 

Holy shit.

And, this has happened before.  One of the kid's plastic plates caught on fire once.  I know, I know- learn your lesson and don't put shit on the stove.  Lesson has definitely been learned today.  But to defend our putting shit on the stove habit, our stove is a built-in so it's part of the counter- it's also a little peninsula in the main area of the kitchen- where we dump everything when we get home.

Things learned: don't put shit on the stove and learn how to use the fire extinguisher. Nothing like a little adrenaline to get your day off to a good start.

Now, on to the original post I was going to write today. 

doTERRA has a really great Mother's Day special going on right now!

You get 3- 5mL bottles of my favorite oils in a cute little wooden box for $35.00 (!!!)- this is a perfect gift for anyone in your life or a great way to test out some oils for yourself!!

Balance Grounding Blend:  this is hands down my favorite oil.  I put it on the soles of my feet every morning and night. I also use it on the kids and I believe it has cut down on their tantrums for sure. Balance blend brings a feeling of calmness, peace & relaxation.  It can also aid in balancing the various physiological systems of the body.  Common primary uses:  anxiety, back pain, confusion, depression, energy, fear, grief/sorrow, hyperactivity, balancing metabolism, mood swings, Parkinson's Disease & seizures. Love, love, love.

Serenity Calming Blend:  this is my 2nd favorite oil.  I put this one behind my ears and on my feet before bed.  And I like to diffuse it in the kids rooms.  Serenity contains oils that are often used to help calm and soothe feelings of stress, excitement, and anxiety in order to help the body maintain it's natural state of health.  Common primary uses: ADD/ADHD, addictions, anger, calming, hyperactivity, insomnia, itching, mental fatigue, mood swings, teeth grinding, & tension.

Whisper Blend for Women:  this oil is newer to me but I am really, really liking it.  The great thing about Whisper is that it works with each person's unique chemistry to create an appealing aroma, so it smells different on everyone and it will smell different on your skin than it does out of the bottle.  Common primary uses:  aphrodisiac, frigidity & hormonal balance.  Trouble in the bedroom?  This oil is for you!

There is a limited supply of this kit, so let me know if you want to order one!!


  1. HOLY MOLY! Glad you guys are ok!

  2. Oh my gosh...SO glad that you guys are ok and nothing serious was burned!! I'm glad our knobs on our stove are up high so Aiden can't reach them, because he's already thrown toys in the oven and I've found them melted inside after I bake something. I'm learning to check the oven first before turning it on. TODDLERS?!!!
    Hope you are doing well. MISS YOU!

  3. How scary!! I'm in the same boat as you, we have a tiny extinguisher thing but I think in the moment I'd panic and not know how to use it. So glad you were able to get the fire out before it spread any further! Whew!!!

  4. Thank goodness you caught that! Yea, I would not like the controls for the stove to be on the front of the stove. We have a similar set up with the glass top, but ours is on the back of the stove and it butts up to the wall.
    Whew, I hope your day does get better!

  5. Holy shit is right! You definitely need to learn how to use that fire extinguisher girl! I know how but have never used one. Is it super messy after? I hope your day has gotten muuuuch better!

  6. Whoa - glad everyone was okay. Couldn't turned out way worse! And yes, definite cause for a day to only get better, hope it was!

  7. OH MY GOD!!! That's just crazy! I had a fire in our toaster oven a few weeks ago and I nearly had a stoke. I just grabbed it (with oven gloves on) and threw it into the snow. Seeing flames inside your house is VERY scary! I'm happy to hear no one was hurt & all is well. I am ALWAYS telling people not to put things on the stove. My Mom was a Cooking teach so it's drilled into me. Our stove knobs are like your but our stove is gas so you have to turn the knob then lite it. We have to be sure careful with the kids.

  8. Oh gosh, so scary!!! And crazy that those darn stove knobs turn so easily. Ours are really easy but like Liz, it is gas so there wouldn't be flames but still gas leaking out is not good either, although not as scary! So glad that it didn't get anymore out of hand and that the kids didn't have to see it and get scared. Gosh, flames like that in the house.. I would have been so shook up. Again, so glad everything was okay in the end!!

  9. Holy cow! I've melted plastic plates before, but never caught anything in fire! Glad everyone is ok.

  10. We have a gas stove with knobs in the same location. After a similar incident, I bought some oven knob safety covers, they work great. You can buy then at toysrus or target too. They can be actual life savers, pease get some!

  11. Holy crap! Terrifying! I'm glad you put it out without anything really terrible happening!

  12. Just WOW. I would have been petrified. I'm glad you were able to diffuse the situation. Time for a new stove maybe?


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