Wednesday, March 19, 2014


There has been so much sadness in my blog feed this week.  These girls have been a big support to a lot of us in this community.  I hope you can take some time to send them a kind word or pray for their strength.

Josey at My Cheap Version of Therapy.  My heart is broken for Josey and her family.
I can't imagine the pain you are going through right now with the loss of your sister in law.  I can't even find the words, all I can say is how sorry I am. 

Shannon at Sitting in a Tree.  Shannon has been so strong talking about Alex and his hearing loss on her blog. 
You & Andy are doing such a great job with your baby boy (and Tay, of course).  They are lucky to have you for parents and I am praying for great MRI results.

Married with Endo.  She found out this week that her pregnancy is ectopic. 
I am so sorry for your loss.  I know how hard the diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy can be.  I am praying for your quick recovery emotionally & physically.

You are all in my thoughts & I am praying for strength for each of you. 



  1. You are very kind, Bridget. I can't speak for Josey and your other friend, but I personally know this blogging community has been a source of strength for me and my family from the very beginning!

    Thank you!

  2. I know, it puts so many of my trivial worries into perspective. Josey and Shannon are such strong women. I am sure your other friend is as well!
    And I am glad your challenging times turned out so well! I remember when I was thinking about you and G constantly!!!!

  3. I don't know 'married with endo' but am sorry to hear about her pregnancy. So hard! :( And I know that Josey and Shannon have certainly been in my thoughts so much lately. You are so sweet to write this post for them and remind them how much you and all of us really do care. This blogging community is amazing and I know it gets so many of us through the hardest of times.

  4. All of this is terrible, I can't even comprehend what is happening in Josey's family. She is so strong, but man so so hard.

  5. Awh, thank you Bridget. I'm just catching up on blogs finally and saw this. Thank you for thinking of me...


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