Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The kids are seriously growing too fast- like warp speed. 

Emily is talking our ears off, running "so fast" everywhere she goes, & acting like a teenager. 

She has recently become 'afraid' of bugs.  Except they aren't usually bugs.  She will see a fuzzy or something dark on the floor and freezes in her tracks saying,  "what's that mommy, what's that mommy?"  over and over until I tell her it's a fuzzy and then she tells me, "throw it away" with this fearful look on her face.  

She loves saying her ABC's and counting.  She counts everything and points out numbers all the time.  She can even spell her name thanks to her uglywhere chair.
Some of my favorite things she says are:
"hmmmm let me see" (when she's thinking about something)
"I'm so happy!"
"be careful it's slippety" (slippery)
"Gavin's cryin', he needs to go to sleep" (she says this any time Gavin cries).

Her hair has become quite a pain in the ass.  I know, I know- it's long and so pretty but the girl will not let me comb it, wash it, or put it up without a crying, raging fit. 

It has been pretty nice here the past two days so we have gotten the stroller/wagon out and it has done us all some good to get fresh air- let me tell you.  The walks of the past where I could get a workout in while Emily and Gavin sit nicely in the stroller are gone.  Walks are now all about Emily declaring, "walk with you mommy, no ride in the stroller!" and stopping to explore every single thing on the sidewalk and asking 215 times, "what's that sound mommy?"  It's so fun to see the world from a 2 years olds perspective. 

Gavin is boy- all boy.  He tries to climb everything, plays with trucks & blocks over anything else, and he loves throwing balls- boy stuff. His favorite thing is being outside-  he will bring us his coat and hat, point to the door and emphatically grunt until he gets his way. 

He is walking all the time now but is not a fan of shoes. When I put shoes on him, he acts like the floor is on fire and he won't put his feet down to stand.  Instead, he sits down, cries and tries to rip them off his feet. 

He is also very opinionated about food.  He will eat bananas, cheerios & goldfish (like they are going out of style), yogurt, peas, and sometimes chicken.  That's about the extent of his likes.  The boy will drink a gallon of milk if you let him though.

He is so funny & happy.  He loves to laugh and if he does something to make us laugh he will do it repeatedly.   

We are working on transitioning him to one nap, which is super fun.  But, he needs it. And so far, it's been a good thing for night sleep- meaning he has slept from 7:30-7:00 the last two nights- instead of waking up at 4:45am. Happiness.

Talking is not on the top of G's priority list.  He says 'mama' for everything.  Mama = milk, dad, Emily, Grandma, I'm pissed about something, etc.

Leave it to me to have two of the most strong willed children on the planet.  As I've said before, my mom is looking down on me and laughing because lord knows I was not an easy child.


  1. So fun to read this update on both of your beautiful kiddos. They really are both growing up sooo much!! I love all of Em's little phrases. Lids is in the "Liddie walk!" stage when we go out too... which is frustrating when I just bought a new double stroller but hopefully I can get her in there some of the time! Emily's hair really is so long and pretty but I can understand the frustrations. Lids barely has any hair and it is still hard to get at because she hates me touching it most of the time. And Gavin, I still can't believe the things he is doing now because I swear he was just born!!!

  2. Oh I love updates on your kiddies! So glad the weather has been nicer for y'all. I know that helps the soul so much. Bring Emily to me and Blakely and I will teach her to love getting her hair done. :)

    Why talk when you can grunt, mama? :)

  3. Haha, I had to laugh at your description of Emily b/c her and Chloe sound so much alike! She says the same thing when Drake cries, and the three of us went for a walk the other day and she had to stop at EVERYTHING!! I had planned on letting her walk, and just had D in the ergo, but it was colder than I thought and I just wanted to get home. She on the other hand had no problems taking her sweet time. I'm so happy to hear that G's sleep is getting better! That's gotta be so nice for everyone. Your kids are just the cutest!

  4. Your kids sound like so much fun! Probably a lot of patience is involved but they are absolutely strong willed! Emily and Avery are sooo much alike! Though in the food department Avery and G Buddy might be more alike. When it is time to eat a vegetable other than corn or peas she says, no Mommy, my tummy full.
    Anyways, they are super cute! And I will always love E's hair!

  5. I love how much Emily is talking and exploring the world. Also, I love that Gavin wants to be outside constantly. Aiden has always been like that, and let me tell you, he NEVER slows down or stops begging to go outside. Even with snow on the ground. Your kids have grown up so fast over the past few years, I'm amazed. I can't wait to keep reading what else they do next! YAY for Gavin sleeping so well! That's amazing!

  6. Your kids are just beautiful and I LOVE Emily's hair. I wish Taylor had Emily's hair. Taylor let's me play with it all day long, but it's so thin and random (straight and curly at the same time). Seriously, Emily's hair please.

  7. WHY do all of these babies need to grow up so freaking fast?! They are both so beautiful. Gavin sounds so much like Shane. Only Shane won't eat peas.


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