Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend happenings

We had another great weekend.  Somehow everything seems a little better when it's above 30 degrees and there is a hint of sunshine, am I right? 

We took Gavin to get his first pair of shoes!  We went to the same old-school shoe store where we took Emily for her first pair and where Steve got all of his shoes from toddler- high school.  It's family run and the owners are the ones fitting people's shoes, it's a great place.  Gavin is a walking machine now, he took to it much faster than Emily did.  But when I put shoes on him he seems unsure and just stands frozen in one place. Hilarious. 

While we were at the shoe store Miss E decided she wanted a pair of shoes too. (really?? the same girl who has insisted on only wearing her pink converse for over a year?)  So we jumped on that one as fast as we could and let her pick out her own pair.  She hasn't taken them off since we left the store.  Win, I guess?

After shoe shopping we took a chance on going to a was interesting.  Thank God for the ipad and lemons and ice cream and grandparents.  Emily loves lemons, Gavin isn't as in love.

Since the polar vortex took a couple of days off, we took the kids out for a couple of walks without freezing our eyeballs.  The fresh air did us all some good.

A super exciting part of the weekend was when I took advantage of a triple nap (Steve, Emily, and Gavin) and decided to mop all of our hardwoods.  I threw together a recipe using essential oils (of course) and it worked really, really well. 1 gallon warm/hot water, 3T white vinegar, 5 drops lavender, 5 drops Lemon.  I chose Lavender because it is antimicrobial and Lemon because it is antiviral and refreshing.  I also ate some chocolate without hiding in a corner and watched the Vanderpump reunion in silence.  It was pretty great.

And now for the most important part of this post. It is my Grandpa's 92nd birthday today.  He is the most amazing man you could ever meet.  He's the kind of person who can sit down and talk to anyone about anything and you are thoroughly entertained the whole time.  He's the best story teller, a hard worker and an all around wonderful man.  I'm so proud to be his granddaughter.

Happy birthday Grandpa, you have worked hard to build a family & a farm that we are all blessed to be a part of.  We love you!



  1. We were able to get outside this weekend too, thank baby jesus!! It's so sad when 40 degrees feels awesome outside. :) And that last video? Darling.

  2. How fun! I love the tradition of shoes!
    Also, everything does feel better when you can leave the house without freezing!
    G and those lemons, hilarious!

  3. I just love how all of us northerners thought 40 degrees was heavenly. My blog post today is basically the same thing. Sans your cute shoe store story!!

  4. I'm jealous you guys are warming up out there. We got more snow this weekend. I'm starting to think winter is never going away here. Adorable video, your kids are just beautiful Bridget!

  5. Oh I love hearing Gavin baby talk! More of that please! We warmed up too and it was fantastic although, again, I won't rub in juuuuust how warm it was here ;)

    Blakely is so proud of Emily for wanting new shoes. See, shoes are great things!

  6. Oh. And I just showed the last video to Blakely. She is obsessed and giggles everytime Gavin pops in. HAHAHA!

  7. Oh my gosh!!! THAT video is the best! I'm sure it made Grampa Joe's day! Awesome weekend!

  8. Oh poor Gavin! Little kids are so trusting and will take whatever we give them won’t they?

    And that video of them singing – oh my goodness…they are so cute!!

    Glad to hear you’ve had good luck using the oils as a cleaner. I’m looking forward to trying that also; the lemon just smells SOO clean!


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