Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Weekend

This weekend was a perfect mix of getting stuff done, relaxing, and a night out with my husband. 

I won't lie, I love getting things done around the house- laundry, cleaning, groceries- I love them all.  It makes me feel accomplished and the control freak in me loves to see everything in it's place, even if it's only for a couple of minutes before the kids get a hold of everything again.  Am I the only one who feels this way?

It was snowy and cold so we didn't leave the house much and that was fine with us.  I'm also a fan of relaxing, but that doesn't happen much when there are two toddlers running/crawling/jumping/climbing around.  Keeping them contained in the bathtub is a winning strategy.

those curls kill me

Emily and I made french toast for breakfast, she loves helping in the kitchen.

Saturday night Steve and I had valentine's dinner at a new-ish restaurant and the food (and company) was fantastic. I somehow missed the photo op of both of us showered and dressed up- fail.  You'll just have to use your imagination?

Sunday was spent playing and reading and doing puzzles (29,000 times).  Emily is in love with her closet.  She sits in here all the time and orders everyone to get in the closet to read together.

Most importantly,  this happened.... my baby boy is trying to grow up.

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  1. Hi, What is this promotion you mention?? I bought 3 oils through your blog last week!

  2. The promotion is called New Year New You. If you get a doTERRA membership and order 100pv (point value) in products and set up your loyalty rewards order for March of 100pv, you will receive a voucher of 100pv to spend on oils! It's a great deal!!

  3. Go G-Booty!!!! And I love Emily's closet tooo! :)

  4. That sounds like the perfectly balanced weekend! Emily loves getting in our closet too, especially my side and destroying my neatly lined shoes. I love those curls too and can't believe he's starting to walk! Oh my, are you ready for TWO walking kids?! :)

  5. Gavin is growing up so fast! Emily looks like she adores the kitchen time with mommy. What beautiful kids!!

  6. He is walking like a CHAMP! And those curls are too sweet.

  7. I cannot believe G is a TODDLER now!!! Shouldn't he still be a baby?!?!? Eeek! Time is going toooo quickly. But yay, go buddy!! :) Sounds like a really nice weekend. So glad you and Steve got to go out on a nice date! Oh and yes, I totally know how you feel about the feeling good when everything is clean and as it should be. That is my goal for tonight.. well not EVERYTHING, but a general clean and all clothes put away, dishes done.. and even baked apple crumble to have with Anthony while watching a movie once Lids is in bed. We'll see if all this happens! ;)

  8. How is G not a baby anymore, when did that happen?


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