Friday, September 27, 2013

8 months and 23 months

Time is flying in my house.

Gavin is 8 months old and it's amazing to me how different he is than Emily was at 8 months.

Emily was starting to "talk" saying 'mama' and 'up' and Gavin hasn't started this yet. He does shriek and squawk quite a bit when he's happy or mad and his little noises are the best sound.

In the physical aspect, Gavin is ahead of Emily at 8 months.  He started crawling on September 16th (7 months) and Emily didn't scoot or crawl until 9 months.  He is all boy, getting into anything and everything he can reach.  He throws balls, tries to stand up by pulling on furniture and is always banging two toys together to hear the noises they make.

His favorite thing is Emily.  That boy loves his sister.  He tries to crawl after her everywhere she goes and if she's playing with something he wants to be right at her side playing too.  Emily is slowly learning patience with him and some days are better than others in this department. 

His sleep is all over the place.   Some days he naps like a champ and then a couple days later he's fighting naps like they are the worst thing that ever happened to him.  Some nights he wakes up 3 or 4 times and other nights he only wakes up once.  We can't figure this out to save our lives.  Just the other day, after Steve had gotten up with him 3 times in one night, we talked about doing CIO.  Then the next night he slept from 7-4:30am.  What's the deal buddy?

Gavin is the happiest baby.  Steve joked last night that our toddler cries more than our baby, and it's true.  He only gets upset when he's hungry, tired, or if you take a toy away from him.  There have been a couple of times I have taken him to the doctor for a cough and we leave finding out he had a double ear infection and he wasn't even fussy.

He is loving baby food and eats a pouch for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  He even tried Cheerios at daycare and gets really excited when it's time to eat (shocker I know). 

He is tipping the scales at 22 pounds and he's tall like his sister. I feel blessed every day that he has come so far and is growing and healthy after the start he had.


Emily is 23 months and holy crap that means she's almost 2.

She is repeating everything we say and she still has her awesome sense of humor.  She has had some pretty up and down days in the past month, sometimes she is so happy and agreeable and the next minute she's screaming and crying for who knows what reason.  The life of a toddler I guess.

She is very active; climbing, learning to jump (hilarious), running and always wanting to be outside.  She doesn't stand still for pictures anymore so I have a camera full of blurry shots or the back of her head. 

She still eats really well except she doesn't like some foods that one would think a toddler would love like- mac & cheese (or any noodle), PB&J, or pizza.  Her favorites are fruit and veggies, chicken with ranch, and yogurt.

She STILL will not regularly drink her milk out of a sippy cup, but I'm working on it.  She might go to college and drink her beer out a Dr. Brown's bottle....

Emily loves going to "school" and having books read to her.  She will say part of the alphabet and count to ten but she is kind of shy about talking.  If she isn't sure about a word she whispers it and waits for a good reaction.  There are times that she "talks and talks" and we have no idea what she's saying- but is sure sounds like a good story!

Our days and nights are busy and sometimes blur into one another, but we wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. B hates PB&J also...weird bc she loves eating pb from a spoon!

    I laughed out loud about the college beer drinking! funny girl!

    I love that G's favorite thing is Emily. sweetest ever...

  2. They are both sooo cute! Avery has those up and down days and it can be trying, but the up days are SOOO much fun! I am so happy Gavin is doing so well!

  3. Busy busy, I can see how your days are flying by. I think it will be interesting/fun to compare the milestones with my two kids as well - you can't help but not, right? G is so cute and it's wonderful that he is doing so well. You'd never guess his story from the beginning. And E and that beautiful hair, gosh it's pretty! Chloe has had some rough days too, and I agree with the statement about sometimes the toddler cries more than the baby. I try, really have to dig deep some days, to remember how much of an adjustment it is for her to have a new baby in the house. That doesn't always help in the heat of the moment though. Glad to start my weekend off by reading an update of your two little loves!

  4. G sounds like such a good little boy!!! I cannot believe how big he is and how far he has come from those first days in hospital. So awesome to see! And that he loves his sister so much? Adorable! :)

    Also can't believe Emily!! She tooks so much older than Lids even at less than 3 months older. I think it is because she is so tall!! And that beautiful long hair too! :) Oh I know what you mean about the up and down days. Toddlers are so bananas aren't they?! Sounds like both of your gorgeous kiddos are doing wonderfully and keeping you busy busy busy!! :)

  5. I think Gavin is more coordinated at 8 months than Taylor at 23 months. Ha.

    You have two awesome little ones - - for sure!!!

  6. I love E's face in the picture where she is playing with the tree can tell that G is ready to mess with her! What cuties!

  7. I love all the pictures of your kids. They are the cutest and getting so big! I wish I could meet them and their sweet personalities soon. I Gavin is going to be an early walker...just a feeling :-) He will be chasing his big sister around in no time!


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