Sunday, July 22, 2012

What Emily is loving right now... 6-9 months

Emily is at an age now where she knows what she wants to play with and she goes right for it, throwing other toys out of the way.  Here are a few of her favorite things over the past three months.

Books-  My girl loves her books!  Especially the books that give her something to touch or have a good rhyme to them.  Her favorites right now are B is For Bear (she literally starts squealing as soon as she sees it), Tickle Tickle Peter, The Going to Bed Book, How Do I Love You, and Baby Einstein See and Spy Shapes.  We always have books out for her to look at and she loves them!  The books from the dollar bins at Tar.get have always been a big hit with her too.

Lady Lee & Drew Jones soft tie wood bead necklace-  You guys, this thing has been a life saver in so many situations.  Need to entertain the baby at the grocery store? Necklace. Need to keep baby happy at the Dr? Necklace. Emily loooooves it and it looks good with everything.  Here's a picture of mine, Emily and my niece were after it all day.

Baby pacifier + fashion accessory = aaaaamazing! I just ordered my second one and I want like Plus, Candis is so helpful and nice and she has worked with me twice to make a custom necklace (and she's an awesome blogger). Love her.

I want this.

Blocks-  Pretty much anything that we can stack and she can knock over.  This is her favorite thing to do.  We have the FP baby's first blocks and although she doesn't like to put them in the container right now, I'm sure she will eventually.  We also have Melissa and Doug Nesting Blocks and she loves knocking them down too.

Busy Poppin' Pals-  I make them pop up, she puts them back that's entertainment.

Anything that rattles-  She likes to shake things that make noise.  I've made my own rattle by just putting uncooked pasta in a small tupperware and she's happy as a clam.  We also have this rainmaker and we got this drum set that has all kinds of instruments inside.

Chasing things-  now that she can crawl she wants to chase anything that rolls.  We got her a mini playground ball and this little Giggable, that rolls away and makes laughing sounds, she gets a kick out of it.

What does your 6-9 month old love?

P.S. no one is paying me to say I like this stuff, I'm not cool enough for that.


  1. I'm glad you did a post about this. It's fun to see what other kids are playing with and gives me an idea of things to buy Aiden. He LOVES blocks, especially knocking them over!

  2. I LOVE that necklace- especially the black and gold one!!! I ofcourse also love that Emily loves her books- Piper isn't at emily's stage but she does love the sandra boynton books. Isn't it just great when you find things you love so much that you want to share!

  3. We have that drum set too. You aren't going to like it too much when E is a toddler! JK! Savannah got it for Christmas 2 yrs ago and we played "marching band" around the house for months. That rainmaker is cool!

  4. A: You are cool enough to pay people to say they are cool.

    B: Emily is adooooraaaable!

    C: Thank you for the props, love back atcha :)

  5. Awwww... look at that little Emily! So cute!

    My little guy is 11 months, so a bit older, but these days, he is interested in many of the things you listed about Emily... books, building blocks, anything that makes noise. I have one of those necklaces, and he never got into it... I think I looked more funny than anything, trying to get my little guy to nibble on my necklace when he clearly wasn't interested :)

  6. So cute! Babies and books are the best!

  7. Great post - it's fun to see if there may be something I'm totally missing out on. Taylor is into books right now too. We've been reading Baby Bear's Mealtime and she's starting to learn that bears growl. By the end of the book, I can normally get one or two good growls out of her. Love it!

  8. Avery loves a lot of those things too, thanks for sharing about the necklace, I like that more the the teething necklaces out there.

    Avery also loves her baby stroller, it helps her walk wherever she wants to go!

    She is such a cutie!

  9. It's so cool that Emily loves her books. Mira is pretty indifferent, and it makes me sad! Someday...

  10. Emily is just the cutest! She's going to be an amazing big sister.

    Now I'm drooling over that etsy store. I love her necklaces. So beautiful.

    Hope you're doing well.


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