Friday, August 19, 2011

Gadgets Galore

ok blog friends I need some help! Video cameras and baby monitors are making my head spin, is there such a thing as too many choices?

I need some opinions on good quality, easy to use, video cameras (that won't break the bank). What brands/models do you love and which ones have you had trouble with?

And....we are trying to find a baby monitor and it is turning into quite the task.  There are a ton of differenet options and of course we have no clue.  None of the ratings I've read have been very good either.

So here are my questions....

Has anyone tried the movement monitors that are supposed to help prevent SIDS?  Like the Angelcare brand?  Do they work?

Video monitors?  Are they worth the money? Most of the reviews I've read about them aren't good- bad picture quality and so on.

Plain old sound monitors?  Are there any brands you love or hate?

Thanks for your help!


  1. We used the Angelcare and really liked it. I will warn you that you will get false alarms as baby grows and is able to roll off of the sensor pad. The first few times it happened I almost had a heart attack! Personally I would rather have false alarms and the peace of mind that the sensor is working. I would also say that this monitor is more for parents than the babies. You will sleep better knowing that the alarm will sound if god forbid something happen. I never cared for video monitors. If baby is quiet I never cared if they were really sleeping or just relaxing. We never had any problems with the Angelcare and I would buy it again and again. One of my favorite baby products for sure! Hope this helps!

  2. One more thing- The Angelcare can be used as a regular sound only monitor if you want. You can turn off the sensor pad whenever you feel comfortable. We stopped using the sensor at about 1 year since at that point my daughter was all over the crib and we were getting more and more false alarms.

  3. The video camera we have is a JVC "Everio" - it is super easy to use and it was very affordable. So far we have had no trouble with it. Hope this helps, good luck!
    I have looked at some monitors but don't have any insight - I did however recently read an article that you should find one that randomly chooses and changes a channel to work on due to people being able to 'hack' into them or if someone around you has one that works on the same channel they could see/hear you. Here's a link to the article:

  4. we just got the sound one (sony baby call). it got really good reviews in "Baby Bargains". my friend has one of the sensor ones, but i also read about the false alarms...and alot of people i know have the video ones, but i read they interfere alot a with portable phones, and i am wary of other people being able to see the video... good luck choosing!

  5. Video Camera- super easy to use, light and small is the FlipCam...we bought one and the sound quality and video quality are really great. It's so easy to send pictures and make CD's/movies on them too...

    Baby Monitors- honestly, if you want a video monitor the Motorola video one is really good. My sister in law has it and totally loves it!
    Here is the link:
    We didn't get a video monitor though because our house is small and one level. Baby's room is right next to ours and we ended up just buying a sound monitor for now and seeing how we like that.

    I'm with you though on all the gadgets that are out is so overwhelming! I read tons of reviews on things before I bought them and so far, I've been pleased with most purchases.

  6. So glad you did this post! I am wondering the same thing about video cameras!

  7. one of my best friends swears by the summer brand video monitor- she said it really helped her feel like her little boy was safe without them having to open up the nursery door and it helped her with getting him to sleep throught the night. I met another woman in target the other day who recommended the alarm monitor, but she did have a premie.
    The majority of friends and women I know usually say the same thing- you don't need half of what "they" say you do.

    Good luck on your search!

  8. We have a Flip Video Camera and it's great. Now granted, we've only used it to video tape our dog, but I'm sure it'll be great when baby arrives.

    Have you thought about checking out Consumer Reports? That might be helpful in determining which monitor to use. When we registered, we just asked the BRU registry counter which one they sold the most of. She gave us two options that were their highest selling and we chose from there.

    Good luck!

  9. We got a Levana video monitor and it seems like it will work great. Chloe is sleeping in our room, and will for a while so we have only used it once, but there is no delay and the picture is pretty good. I like having a picture versus just sound. It is pretty overwhelming and even the best, most expensive monitors have some crappy reviews so it's hard to know which way to go. Oh, and thanks for your comment about the nursery! The pink wall is wallpaper.

  10. When visiting a friend I saw the camera she used its the Summer infant sleek and secure. I asked her about it when I read your post and she said she would recommend it too.

  11. Right now I have the Summer Infant best view digital monitor on our registry but I'm not sure now that I've read these posts and want to check some other ones out. So much to consider!

  12. Yes, there are WAY too many options out there. One of my friends told me to do the Angelcare thing, so I did. I did not do the video monitor because I had another friend tell me she was always glued to it. I think being woken by sound for the next two years will suffice - don't need streaming viedo, too!


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