Friday, December 31, 2010

Bag O' Drugs

A preview of what's to come in the next month...


  1. Geez, it looks like we're attempting to start our very own pharmacy!

  2. Bridget and Steve,
    This blog is a fabulous way to share with your new son/daughter how very much he or she are wanted in both of your lives.

    While the journey is daunting, your extended Naperville family is praying for celebatory news in the February timeframe.

    Please keep your blog updated - it makes us feel more involved in the process and allows us to share in your journey.

    You are in our daily prayers!

    Chris and Karen Kautzky
    (Julie's Mom and Bonus Dad)

  3. So proud of you Bridget!! WOW! That's a lot of drugs! You are tough though....we will all be amazed at how much you can handle! And no matter what--the prize at the end is all worth it!

  4. Did you have a break down? The wife did not take the med opening good LOL



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