Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lately- September Edition

Well whaddya know, I'm here for my monthly blog post.  Hopefully some of you are still out there reading...

What's been going on over here?  I'll give you bullet points to keep it somewhat quick.

  • My little brother and my sister-in-law had their first baby!!  His name is Knox and he's the cutest damn thing I have ever seen.   

Emily is obsessed with him and she asks to facetime with "Mox" daily.

  • We celebrated Steve's birthday!  It was the big 3-5 so we left the kids with grandma and grandpa and went to the big city for a Pirates game.  We ran into one of Steve's baseball teammates from college and spent most of the game chatting and laughing.  We had a great night (had a few too many cocktails) and we saw Lynyrd Skynyrd play- SO cool. 

Sunday we tried to recuperate and had dinner and cake with Steve's parents.

  • Cold/pink eye/flu season is here and I hate it.  Gavin got hit first and it was bad.  We had to take him to Children's because he was having trouble breathing.  Since Gavin was born with a diaphragmatic hernia, he doesn't have the lung strength that a normal toddler has.  So when he gets a cold, it usually includes a trip to Children's for a chest x-ray, steroids and lots of worry.  He spent a week at home with me and had breathing treatments every 4 hours.  He's a tough little guy so he bounced back pretty quickly.  Of course, the week he went back to daycare both he and Emily came home with pink eye.  Joy. 

  • We are adding a four season room and deck to the back of our house and I cannot wait!!  I think/hope they are starting some demo work today and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that at least the room portion is done by Emily's birthday. 

  • Emily is acting like a teenager lately.  And she's funny, like- really funny.  She still has no interest in potty training (stubborn) and we need to ditch the paci soon- I am dreading that one (give me all your tips).  She's all about mothering Gavin lately which is the total opposite of their relationship so far.  It's super cute but I'm not sure Gavin is a fan.

  • Gavin is finally starting to say a few words.  I was beginning to wonder if he would ever talk!  He is a daddy's boy all the way- so much so that if I try to get him out of bed when he wakes up he throws himself down crying and says, "no, no, no- daddy!!".  It's an understatement to say that this breaks my heart.  He's also learning how to run and I could watch this all day long.  There is nothing better than a wobbly toddler is there?



  1. I'm so glad G kicked butt and got over that chest cold.

    And that running video - OMG. Just makes me want Alex to be up and running....but I know we have some time! :)

  2. I love a bullet point update... especially with photos!! :) And video! Yay! How adorable are you and Steve. So fun that you two got to get out and celebrate for his birthday. Can't believe how bit E and G are getting. Look at him run! And Em looks like she is 5.. so tall!!

  3. Yep, I agree with Fiona - I enjoy a bullet point update as well. Drake is all about running these days too, and even though I'm not as anxious as I was when Chloe started, he still has me so nervous when he's on the driveway/sidewalk. But nothing's cuter than his little cheeks jiggling with each step, ha!! So how do you handle E and her attitude towards G? I am at a loss with Chloe some days. Ooh, you'll have to take before and after of your new home addition!

  4. SO jealous you can just leave the kids with family and go off just the 2 of you! And that last video is PRESH. :)

  5. That little boy is too cute! I hope everyone is all well now.

  6. Aww, I always love catching up with your beautiful family! First of all congrats on the new baby, and happy birthday to your husband! Such fun times! And I hope you post lots of before and after photos of the new addition...I LOVE remodel pics! : )

    So, when Avery was two and a half we started telling her that there were other little babies that needed her pacifiers more than she did. So we put them in a envelope and "mailed" them to the kids that needed them. We had Avery put them in the mailbox and she never asked for them again!


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