Friday, January 10, 2014

My favorite gift this year

Sentimental gifts are always my favorite to give.  For Christmas this year, an idea for Emily & Gavin sort of fell into my lap in the best way.

When my mom passed away, my grandma planted a tree in her yard in my mom's memory.  When my grandma passed away, my cousin moved into her house and learned the tree had to be removed.  Her husband contacted me to ask if I would want a picture or piece of the tree.  I asked him to send me three slices of the tree if he could, and he did.

Shortly after that, I was reading a blog that mentioned an etsy shop called Fir & Forest that made ornaments, signs and other things out of wood.  I checked out the shop and thought everything was so beautiful.  I contacted the owner, Erica, (she is seriously the sweetest person in the world!) and I told her the whole story of the tree slices and asked if she could work her magic and create something for my kids. She responded right away saying,

"I'm honored that you would reach out to me for this!  I would love to do this for you. It'd be lovely if you could send me a picture of the wood so I can brainstorm. I can draw something out for you ahead of time even before you send the wood. If I'm picturing the crack right, it would really make it unique! I'm looking forward to seeing." I told you she was sweet! She even drew a sketch for me that night, before she had seen the wood!

She kept me posted about ideas and asked if I wanted to see them before she sent them.  I decided to be surprised and when I opened the package from her I had tears in my eyes.  

Aren't they beautiful? These pictures don't even do them justice.

I know the kids won't understand or appreciate them for some time, but I am so happy that they will have this when they are older.


  1. They are beyond perfect. Something your kids will cherish forever!

    So, you asked for THREE slices....does that mean another little one is in the plan? ;)

    1. hahaha Shannon! No plans for #3! I was thinking about doing something with our last name but haven't thought it through all the way yet :)

    2. I say YES to #3! You and Steve make the cutest babies ;)

  2. these are just so beautiful! What a wonderful way to honor your mother's memory!

  3. This is seriously one of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts I've ever seen. I absolutely love them, and love that you have them to tie your mom to your kids.

  4. That is the SWEETEST gifts ever. What a beautiful tribute to your mom, and a great keepsake for your kids. I adore this and am SO glad you were able to find someone to honor your mom's memory in such a touching way. You should do something with your last name on the 3rd one (maybe a cute quote like "families are forever" etched around the rim), and maybe put it on your mantle? That way you can always look at it and remember your mom. Hugs!!!

  5. This brought tears to my eyes. What a perfect idea and tribute to your mom... and they turned out perfectly!! Love love love them. And the kids will cherish them so much when they are older, I am sure.

    hehe like Shannon, I was wondering about a #3!! ;) I thought even if it wasn't in the official plans that maybe you wanted to save the third just in case.

    Can't wait to see what you do decide to do with the third slice. I am sure it will be equally beautiful.

  6. I love it! What a great idea. The crack is beautiful too. I was hoping there might be some announcement about that third one!

  7. Seriously, this is the most beautiful thing...such a lovely way to remember your mom, and the tree planted in her honor. And they are amazing pieces of art as well!

  8. *late commenter*

    These are so very beautiful Bridget! She did a great job and I just think this was such a wonderful idea. Your kids will cherish these forever and I know you will too. What a great way to remember your mom!

    Wait? You're not planning for baby #3? Why not?!?!?!?!? ;)


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