Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Madness (not the basketball kind)

Well blogging is not high on the priority list lately, even though I miss it and wish I could do it more often....kind of like showering but- 2 kids under 2.

So, here's a photo dump post of everything we did in March- enjoy!  Let me just point out my lack of real clothing or having my hair done is my new normal because- 2 kids under 2.

My birthday- isn't it crazy the older you get the harder it is to remember what birthday you are celebrating?  We ate cake and it was fantastic.

nice hair

Snow days and spring-ish days in the same week

St. Patrick's Day-  no green beer this year but two cuties in green definitely made up for that.

This is what it's like trying to get a picture with both kids....too funny not to share. 
Emily's face says it all.

Gavin is 2 months old (already?!)  he is the best baby, I can't complain.  He is a big boy and loves to eat, he's sleeping pretty well- some days are better than others, and he loves cuddling.  I need to do a whole post on this but that might not happen for awhile.

Miss Emily is 17 months and she's still as funny & feisty as ever. Girlfriend is tall, 34.5 inches and she's starting to say a few words.  She's obsessed with Mickey Mouse and her books.  She's warming up to Gavin and I love watching it.

And here are some of my random favorites from this month


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those two kids! Just adorable! I'm shocked at how much they've grown. Gavin is just so handsome and Emily is such a pretty girl! She is speaking so clearly, I feel like Aiden says a lot, but he certainly isn't even interested in colors or learning to say them yet. You look great and seriously, you can use the 2 under 2 reason for pretty much everything in life here on out :-) I can't wait to watch what best friends Emily and Gavin end up being.

  2. Thanks for the update, I can imagine blogging isn't high on the priority list! Sure do love seeing pictures of those cute kids though. Looks like you are all doing a fantastic job.

  3. you look like you have your hands full in a good way! Thank goodness gavin is a pretty easy baby. And wow emily is so articulate when speaking. Congrats on a great family! It's good to hear from you all!

  4. Great pics momma! Gavin looks adorable in his little St. Patty's day outfit and I swear Emily looks so grown up in these from the last time you posted pictures of her!

  5. Look at that family! Love it! All you have to say is "2 under 2" and I TOTALLY get it... it's a crazy, fun ride.

    Awesome pics!

  6. First of all, the title of this post literally made me laugh out loud.

    That video. I loved it the first time and I have showed it to B 45,983 times. She loves it as well.

    I think my favorite picture is the one of both of them on the play mat. LOVE!

  7. Oh my goodness, can I just say that you guys make some really adorable kids! : ) I mean, seriously, they are TOO CUTE!

    And happy HAPPY birthday to you!

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful month! They are both absolutely adorable! Glad you are doing well and Happy Birthday!!

  9. Great update - maybe she's not saying tons of words, but I'm really impressed by E's pronunciation. Taylor's words aren't even half as clear as E's! :)

  10. Goodness they are both SO cute! Happy Birthday and I love all the pictures, your family is beautiful!

  11. I seriously don't know how you or those with twins are doing it, whew! Both little loves are adorable... although I'm never around cats so that pic made me a little nervous lol. (Probably how some people feel when I post pics of our baby & giant dog!) Glad to get the update because I know you are one busy mommy these days:] Happy Birthday!

  12. So I am not sure how I missed this post. Weird! Sounds like things are going really well for you! A great birthday and two beautiful babies!


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