Thursday, November 1, 2012

happy halloween & third trimester

Emily last doesn't even seem possible!

And now she has celebrated her second Halloween and she (we) had a blast!

We carved pumpkins with Grandma & Grandpa. She was so excited about digging out the seeds (trying to eat them) and watching what daddy and grandpa were doing.

So tall!!

what's in there Daddy?

make sure you get this right Grandpa!


We did a little costume show at home (trick or treating was cancelled because of the weather)

look at my big girl walking!

where's the candy mom??

And she even got to wear her costume at kindermusik today!

In other news, I'm 28 weeks 3 days- third trimester!  Emily still loves my belly and lifts up my shirt to kiss her brother multiple times a day.

Everything is going smoothly and we have started working on the nursery, it is the best feeling!

We can't wait to meet you little guy!


  1. You are giving me baby fever something fierce!!! :) The new nursery is looking great.... as are you, just glowing! How sweet that Emily is loving on your belly... I am sure she'll be doing the same to her baby brother in person soon. Love all of your Halloween photos. Emily looks adorable!!

  2. What an adorable (not so) little strawberry!! I can't believe she's walking already!

    Third trimester! When it starts to get REAL. Good luck with everything.

  3. WHAAAT! Already 28 weeks? Holy cow.

  4. Adorable, just adorable! I love Emily's costume and I love that you are getting the nursery all set up. I can't believe you are in the 3rd trimester already! Home Stretch! :-)

  5. Amazing how much difference a year makes!!!

  6. Emily makes such a cute strawberry!!! 1 year is a huge difference but especially for a girl that is off the charts big!!!!!

    I love that pic of her kissing your belly!!!! So sweet! Maybe honey badger will calm down when she has a little brother to focus on?????

  7. Third trimester already, whaaa? It seems to be flying by! I just love how she kisses your belly. She'll be a great big sister. I bet that is a good feeling starting to knock things off the nursery list.

  8. Love the baby girl kissin the baby boy belly!! SO cute!! :)

  9. Does time fly or what!!??? So glad to hear you are all doing well! Sorry I have been MIA- things have been CRAZY

  10. She really is tall, wow! I love the walking pictures. There is something about that early walking stage, the hands held high, knees up like a march, it's just too cute! My almost 14 month old started not that long ago and I almost hope he walks like that forever.

  11. Wow! Big change from last year to this one. You're looking great Momma!

  12. So beautiful! She is just too precious!!!


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