Tuesday, September 25, 2012

11 months....what?!

Dear Emily,

How did this sneak up on me?  You're almost a year old!!

We have had so much fun this month.  You are learning a lot of new things and you are starting to communicate in your own way - your daddy and I love it!

You love the kitties SO much!

When I ask if you want breakfast, lunch or dinner you crawl right over to the baby gate that leads to the dining room where you eat.

If we ask where the baby is, you lift up my shirt and kiss my belly.

You crawl to the front door when I ask where Grandma and Grandpa are or if you want to go for a walk.

You know the sign for 'all done'.

You are cruising along all of the furniture but you aren't ready to walk on your own yet, which is ok with me and daddy!

What we've been doing this month:

Aunt Niki, Alec and Grandpa Mark came to visit and you absolutely loved all the extra attention!  Aunt Niki and Alec brought you toys and they are now some of your favorites!

Aunt Niki!
Grandpa Mark!

Alec & your new toy!

You are still going to music class once a week.  You love dancing to the music, playing with the instruments and of course playing with the other babies!  We also go to story time at the library and we try to have at least one play date a week.

We took you to Children's to have your eyes checked.  You had to have your eyes dilated and you didn't like that very much.  We found out you have blocked tear ducts and when you turn one we will go back to have them checked and if needed we will get them probed.

We have been busy planning your first birthday party in Illinois!  It will be your first time flying and we are hoping it goes well...at least you won't have to be strapped in the car seat for 10+ hours.  You will be having a joint birthday party with your cousin Erin and we can't wait to see everyone and celebrate!

And today, on your 11 moth birthday, you got your first haircut!  We wanted to wait as long as we could but you were getting pretty annoyed with your hair in your eyes all the time.  You did so great!  You sat in my lap and didn't cry at all.  Now you look even more grown up and it makes us miss our tiny baby even more!



and after!!
Happy 11 month birthday sweetie!  We love you to the moon and back!
Mommy & Daddy


  1. I love Emily's haircut and you look just wonderful! I bet she will be walking this month for sure, she looks so busy! I'm hoping the plane ride goes well, and you are right, even if it doesn't, it's better than 10 hours in a car listening to screaming! I'll do a post on some of the new toys Aiden got for his birthday that just might be good to help entertain Emily on the plane ride.

  2. What a beautiful post! It sounds like things are going well for you guys. It is great that you do so much during the week with Emily. I am sure she really enjoys it. The hair cut is so cute! What a little sweetie she is. I love this picture of her with her kitty. I am a cat lover so it melts my heart!

  3. First of all...her hair is unbelievably cute!!

    Also, you look awesome! I am so jealous that you and E do so much during the week. We have nothing here! GRRRRRR....

    I have tons of advice on the flying. I'll do a post on it and email you!!

  4. Oh my gosh - that haircut!!! She is SO grown up, and she looks a ton like you!

  5. She sounds like sooo much fun this month!!! I love that she knows where the baby is. That is way too cute.

    I am jealous of all the fun things you do with Emily. Good for you! I wish we had organized activities here... and more babies around us because Alidia still doesn't have any friends her age :(

    Aww I love her new haircut! She really does look so grown up.

  6. Oh my gosh, look how cute she looks with her new haircut!! She looks a lot like you in this picture. I love how happy she looks and how she knows where her baby brother is. Have fun with the final details of her party! You look fantastic by the way!

  7. Can't believe she'll be ONE in just one month! The new haircut looks darling. :)

  8. How cute is she???????

    Wow, she looks adorable with her haircut, so grown up!!!!!!

    It's coming up soon little lady, you will be a toddler in less than a month!!!!

  9. so big. I can't believe her birthday is next month! crazy craziness.

  10. She is so stinkin' cute and her haircut is AMAZING!!!

    I feel like all our babies are growing way too fast!

    Happy eleven months, E!!!


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