Thursday, April 19, 2012


Happy Thursday. 

~ Emily has an ear infection, conjunctivitis, and is getting another tooth (I think).  What does this mean? I'll give you three guesses.... it means no sleep and lots of crying.  My poor girl.

~ I read the book Be.lly and I'm trying out my newest food challenge- no wheat, no grains, low carb, good times.  This book is eye opening to say the least.  I'm on day 4 of no grains and it's not that bad. We've made spaghetti squash spaghetti, and cauliflower crust pizza, both were good.

~ One of my best friends is here visiting (yay!!) and Emily is pumped, can you tell?

~ Oak did a hilarious post on her doppelgangers and I had to check mine out....

Sofia Coppola? I don't even know who that is.

Picture #2
 No. 1
Match: 92%
Match: 88%
Match: 84%
Match: 82%
Match: 81%
Claire DanesSharon StoneDanny GloverJulie AndrewsHillary Rodham Clinton
Claire Danes
Sharon Stone
Danny Glover
Julie Andrews
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Danny Glover 84%. Perfect.

~  And last but not least, I am addicted to insta.gram. It makes me feel like a pro photographer. If you're on it, let me know your user name, I'll follow you.


  1. Tell me more about this Instagram! I have heard of it but know nothing about it.

  2. I'm getting on Instagram today. Too much talk about it, I feel like I'm missing out! :) Poor baby girl, I hope she feels better soon. That sounds rotten. :(

  3. I keep hearing about Instagram but have no clue how to use it. Do you have to have to use an Iphone? Let me know if you notice a weight loss with your new low carb plan. I'm really curious to see if I flushed out some of those things if I'd feel more energy. Sometimes I think carbs literally "weigh me down!" :-) Have fun with you friend!

  4. Danny Glover!! LMAO!!

    Em looks so tired in that photo. Poor baby!

  5. Poor baby! Hope she gets to feeling better soon!

  6. Poor baby, that must be hard.
    I love that pic!
    And I love it, Danny Glover, I would have never thought!

  7. You only got ONE dude in your celebrity list? That's too bad for you. Everyone should strive to look like John McCain, particularly when they're a 34 year old lady.

    Poor Emily...I can feel your pain, we're smack in the middle of Holy Molar! land. Mackie's cutting TWO right now. Poor bugger, he's a surprisingly good sport though.

  8. I think you're cuter than Danny Glover. Just sayin'.

  9. LOL...Danny Glover!

    Poor E....she just can't catch a break :(

    Such a cute pic of E and your friend!


  10. i'm so sorry emily isn't feeling well. poor baby. i hope she feels better soon and that you get some sleep!

    that celebrity look alike thing is hilarious...and spot on! i never told you before, because i wasn't sure how you'd take it, but i've always thought you looked like a younger, whiter danny glover. ;) ha ha!

  11. love spaghetti squash!!! emily is beautiful with that big smile- hope she feels better soon!

  12. Oh, poor Emily! I hope she's feeling better!

  13. Poor baby. I hope she feels better soon!
    LOL at Danny Glover!

  14. Poor Emily... did you try the teething tablets that some people suggested? We got them and they seemed to help, but we realized he did not need the full dosage, oops. I hope she is feeling well soon, which means mommy feeling better too... and getting more sleep!

  15. I'm on Instagram! @hhhippiemommy. What's your user name? I'll follow you too. :) TOTALLY addicted over here too. :P

  16. Check out Laura Wright from General Hospital as your doppelganger! ;)


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